American Bounty Restaurant

Celebrating Uniquely American Cuisine at the American Bounty Restaurant


Celebrating uniquely American cuisine was the inspiration behind The Culinary Institute of America’s decision to create the American Bounty Restaurant. In 1983, the opening team, headed by now-President Tim Ryan ’77, believed that American food could be as fresh, inventive, and regionally based as its much-touted French counterpart. They set about researching American food traditions and ingredients, and developing new dishes that elevated the cuisine. The team succeeded in creating a unique dining experience for its patrons. While the restaurant has evolved over the last 30 years, it has always remained true to the tenets that American cuisine is worthy of exploration and exquisite preparation.

Being situated in the Hudson Valley gives American Bounty a distinct advantage. Once considered the nation’s “breadbasket,” today this area of the country is experiencing a resurgence of respect for its farmers, artisan bakers, and vintners. In a bucolic setting high above the Hudson River, the American Bounty Restaurant pays homage to the Valley’s past and present by celebrating regional, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. The restaurant’s menu reflects a growing interest in the origins of our food, clean flavors, and the special joys of the table.