Picker & Auerbach, Certified Public Accountants

Picker & Auerbach is a firm of accountants operating in Brooklyn.


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  • IRA Distribution Planning
  • Estate Services
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Picker and Auerbach, CPAs was started in 2009 as a combination of Barry Picker, CPA/PFS, CFP and Zesha Auerbach, CPA. Each practice had been in existence since the late 1970s. Picker and Auerbach, CPAs brings a unique perspective to both businesses and individuals. Barry Picker, besides being a CPA is also a Certified Financial Planner™ as well as an Accredited Estate Planner (Distinguished) ™. Zesha Auerbach has an MBA in accounting and brings a wealth of experience in dealing with business accounting and taxation.
The mission of our firm is bring financial comfort to our clients, with the understanding that each individual defines financial comfort on their own terms.

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