Neirs Tavern

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While many older bars tout how old they are, Neirs has remained true to itself, quietly serving cold beer to our local customers for over 180 years.


As soon as you enter the door regulars welcome you with open arms, sharing fantastic stories of its 180 year old history over a nice cold beer and a delicious burger.


This place makes anyone feel like a local! Just walk in and look at the old nostalgic photos on the wall. Order a cold beer or Cider and a fat burger! You will not be disappointed in either the food nor the atmosphere. I cannot wait to take my out of town friends here. Keep doing what you're doing!

Jennifer P.

Lived in Woodhaven for years and this was by far the best bar. I miss it greatly. They rehabbed it a few years back, kept everything great and classic, and only improved the place with their changes. A jukebox full of Johnny Cash, a portrait of Mae West where she once held court, and a great atmosphere. This place has never been anything other than welcoming and I think I'll have to make a trip back to it soon.

Brendan M.