Christopher Warnick / Architecture

Christopher creativity and tirelessness towards his clients have placed him In great demand as a cutting edge design innovator.


  • New Construction & Development
  • Apartment Renovation
  • Brownstone Renovation


Christopher holds a BAA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is currently licensed in New York, California and Massachusetts. Christopher Warnick / Architecture was established in New York City In 1993. Prior to establishing his firm, Christopher was an influential designer with several visionary, late 20th century projects including the 'Steel Cloud' with Asymptote, The Tokyo International Forum with Raphael Vinoly Architects, and the U.S. National Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Natural History 'Dino Halls" with Ralph Appelbaum. Over the years, Christopher has obtained outstanding experience as an Architect, and used this to build a reputation which extends to both coasts. Recent projects involve the innovative use of new media in creative space for corporate clients including MVBMS Euro/RSCG, Fuel North America, J. Walter Thompson, Dreamworks SKG, 24/seven, as well as work for several private residential clients.

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