Sheesh, Are Brooklyn Rents Really This High?

The firm MNS released a monthly rental report with stats like those shown above. The company also found that the priciest apartments are in Dumbo, where the average monthly outlay for one bedrooms is $3,610. Williamsburg ranked as the second-most-expensive ‘hood when it comes to studios and one bedrooms ($2,375 and $2,909, respectively), though Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights trail Dumbo in the two-bedroom category, with average rents of $3,530 and $4,000, respectively. Apartments of all sizes are more expensive than they were last September, according to the report: For example, one bedrooms in all the neighborhoods covered averaged $2,239 this year as opposed to $2,026 last year. How does this compare to Manhattan? MNS’s report for that other borough says rents there are also on the rise, with one bedrooms averaging $2,999 this month.

Brooklyn Rental Market Report [MNS]


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