Recycle Cherry Wood?


    Unfortunately my 50 year old japanese cherry tree has lost a huge limb compromising the entire tree. In anticipation of having a tree surgeon cut the entire tree down, I wondered if there is any use for old cherry wood. I am an avid recycler and thought it might be of some use to a carpenter/wood craftsman. This wood should be available next week and of course is free if interested. Otherwise I will have the tree service remove the broken limbs as part of their normal service. Thanks dinosaur

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    1. I have a date with Family Tree Service for 9:00 am Tuesday am. That would be the ideal time to come over and decide which pieces of wood you would like. My previous post asked that you leave a phone number or e-mail address so that I may contact you directly. Thanks

    2. Thanks for your responses. If you would leave your phone number or e-mail address I’ll give you a heads up when tree will be taken down. Thanks D