Fire Escape Question


    We have a fire escape that was built over the top of a new extension to our house back in the 80’s. The fire escape was placed on top of a concrete platform on the roof of the extension. Now the roof needs to be replaced / repaired but to do so likely would entail tearing down the concrete slab that serves as the base for the fire escape.

    Any idea if the concrete base for the fire escape would still be required? What we’d like to do is install a new fire escape that is not attached to the roof of the extension and extends out to two poles that provide egress to the back yard via a ladder. The house dates back to the 1860s.

    If you’ve been able to follow along so far, we’d appreciate any insights or advice you have to offer.


    1. Sounds like you’d be restoring the fire escape to a configuration more similar to the standard. In that case, it’s most likely not a problem. You mention “poles”. As long as the fire escape is supported by non-combustible materials it should be ok.

      Jim Hill, RA, LEED AP
      Urban Pioneering Architecture