hello. we had a wonderful gardener last year who planted our large prospect heights garden–but she seems to have disappeared! so we’re looking for someone who can do some re-planting and put in some new plants and ground cover. (nothing structural: that’s all done.) any recommendations? thank you!

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    1. I’ve tried a lot of guys. Amir Yarkoni at Well Rooted, Inc. stands out head & shoulders above the rest. He provides consulting and execution services at a reasonable price. Incidentally, he has curated and maintained the Green Dome botanic garden in McCarren Park for the past 15 years as a labor of love. So you can get an idea of what he can do on a shoe-string budget.
      Amir is at (646) 275-4859 and his email address is wellrooted-at-gmail-dot-com.

    2. I use Taurino Alcazar, I actually now live in Bergen County, NJ but I have a rental property inWindsor Terrace. Taurino does his job and drops an invoice in my mailbox which I pick up when I visit on a monthly basis. He’s excellent. Tell him I recommended you.

      Taurino Alcazar
      Landscaping & Gardening

      Allan S.