looking for something like this…

    anyone suggestions?

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    1. Donatella is right call Mr. Bennett from NY Fine Circular stairs. 884 Broadway, 718-218-9051

    2. I was missing the exact same post before my renovation. My architect brought me to a place in red hook, I can’t remember the name or if it had a name. They had a ton of them in a warehouse. They also seemed to specialize in bars (drinking bars).

    3. You could spend a lot of time looking for one or you could bring this picture to Bill Bennett from NY Fine Circular stairs. 884 Broadway, 718-218-9051. He will make you one out of the wood that you specify. He has a custom mill working shop in BedSty. He did a lot of work for me – replaced hallway stairs, replaced missing spindles, for interior staircase,created bannister, spindles etc. He also made my front door, a custom frame for an interior beveled glass window, finishing work for my kitchen cabinetry which (like many projects) contractors always leave something messed up/undone. Bill finished my cabinetry to look lovely. I highly recommend him; his prices are very good. And he is a nice guy. Does what he says.