Fire Alarm Bell


    Does anyone know the NYC code for placement of an exterior fire alarm bell for the sprinkler system?
    Our architect put it 8 ft up on our brownstone and I’d prefer to have it somewhere less conspicuous.
    What about changing the fire red color?
    Would like to keep to code, but this eyesore is not growing on me.

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    1. As mentioned before, there is not much you can do about the color, and per building code, the alarm bell has to be placed in a conspicuous location, but height does not matter as long as it cannot be tampered with or become submerged somehow. For more information you can refer to Code 903 and 905. If you need further help with construction permits check out our website:

    2. When was thesprinkler filed ? The color has to be as designated by code but the alarm location may be changed depending under which code it was filed if filed prior to june 2008