Electrical Outlet on the FRONT of my Building??


    I’ve just finished a gut reno of my building and am trying pass my last inspection to get my C/O. I just failed the electrical inspection because I do not have an outlet on the FRONT of my building. Can this be true? Is this code? The inspector said something about how his wife likes to do holiday lights… so its very important. I received the follow-up letter after the inspection, and this was still listed as a must-fix. It seems unsafe to me! Has anyone else dealt with this? (My building is a 2-family if that matters.)

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    1. This is true.. You can have electrician put a switch to shut outlet off inside the house or you can buy a housing that is lockable so no one can use.

    2. I just had one put in on my two front porches. Doing major electrical work and electricians stated it was code. It has a spring closed cover over it to keep out dirt and water I suppose. If you are concerned about it being misued, I think you can get a cover that will accommodate some kind of lock.

    3. Is it only code for Christians who celebrate Christmas with lights?? Not sure about code but I think it’s convenient to have. Same in the yard and on a deck.

    4. Can you add an outlet to the light just outside the ground floor? That way it’s not in plain sight but usable when needed.

    5. I have one as per code (apparently) on the front of my 3 family.
      It’s on an individual breaker so it’s very easy to disable it. No one has ever used it except workmen on my property and it is indeed handy for holiday lights!

    6. I’d be concerned that someone is going to plug in their Nissan Leaf to charge overnight. Can you get an outlet that is key operated? Sounds fishy to me.

    7. hmmm…I don’t know about code, but I’d be afraid a neighbor would use my plug when I wasn’t looking! 🙂 Can it be placed behind the iron gate on the stoop so that an electrical cord can pass through, but no one can get at it?