Backyard Rubbish


    I had some yard work done. I have about 10 heavy large garbage bags filled with dirt. A guy wants to charge me $80 to deposit at some waste site and $80 for labor. First there a fee to discard rubbish? Second, I do not want to to pay $160 for this job. Is there an alternative for me? Could I just leave on the sidewalk for trash pick?

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    1. Actually, it sounds like you got a very good deal. The transfer station fee is typically $40 per cubic yard, which isn’t negotiable. So really what you have to decide is if their toting your heavy crap out, driving to the transfer station (probably not close), and unloading it, is worth $80. Sounds like a fantastic deal to me unless you have your own truck.

    2. There was a post last week looking for landfill. Might be worth delving into the archives & having the poster pick your dirt up.

    3. i tried to put bags of dirt out for pick up, less than 60lbs, just one or two at a time, and sanitation usually stll do not pick up. $160 is a good price, based on the estimates we got

    4. 1st you say soil and then you say rubbish..what is it exactly?
      For most stuff – can put a few bags out each week…but make sure the bags don’t weigh more someone is lift okay and not break.

    5. In our neighborhood I was told it’s 6 bags on Friday only and of course not ridiculously heavy. When I was having some work done the contractors always filled the large contractor bags less than half full. City always took them on fridays or whatever your designated day is for “other refuse” aside from the normal trash day….usually the same day as recyclables.

    6. you can leave on sidewalk – maybe four each day. I just had sanitation pick up HUGE amounts of detritus from my house.

    7. Yes, I think 4 bags (?) at a time, less than 60lbs (?) will be picked up, depending on Sanitation’s mood.

    8. first of all is there any way you could use the dirt? or some of it? potted plants on the patio? neighbors?

      you can leave it for trash pickup but the bags need to be lift-able weight and you should probably divide it over two different pickup days.