High Praise for Martin Barazorda of Inti Interior Finish!!!


    After much searching, we hired Martin for a renovation of our apartment. The place had been gut-renovated a few years back, but we wanted to make some non-structural changes. Martin was fantastic and I highly recommend him.

    His work included replacing carpeting with BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors that he custom stained; removing crown molding (the job entailed an extension of the ceiling to cover the gap where the molding was, and Martin executed this perfectly); relocating ceiling light fixtures; revealing and refinishing original structural beams; installing ceiling fans; wiring for new kitchen cabinet and island lighting, removing and seamlessly covering unwanted electrical outlets; replacing showerheads; installing a chandelier and hanging light fixtures (perfectly aligned), and a host of other projects.

    Martin did his work with a professionalism and care that is rarely found in this industry. He has a great eye for detail (one more than one occasion, he provided very helpful design input), takes pride in his work, and kept the apartment very clean. On top of all this, he is an extraordinarily nice person who is warm, friendly, and easy to work with. Finally, his rates are very reasonable (believe me, we received quotes from a number of people). Never once did we feel like we were being overcharged — not even close.

    His number is 347-234-3597. His website (the pictures are good but his work is even more beautiful in person) is www.intiinteriorfinish.com

    If you are considering using Martin or would like more info, I am more than happy to talk to you. Just email me at calle3441@hotmail.com.