Info on “Can Factory” Flea Market


    While visiting Park Slope Brooklyn last winter a local suggested we go to a little indoor/organic flea market nearby. I don’t know the offical name but it is known as the “Can Factory”. I will be visiting again in about 2 weeks and wanted to visit here again. Does anyone know their official name or website so I can check their hours? Is there any other good flea markets (other then the Brooklyn Flea, know and love that place) that is worth visiting? Thanks!!!

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    1. FYI – An organic flea markets sells produce/items produced thru green methods

    2. You’re mixed up.

      The flea market is in the front of PS321 like fawn says.

      There’s a farmers/food market in the can factory weekends. That’s 3rd Street btw 3rd and 4th aves.

      WTF is an organic flea market anyway?

    3. There is a weekend flea market at PS321 in Park Slope. 7th Ave between 1st and 2nd Streets.