External Steel Staircase


    looking for recs for someone to furnish and install an iron staircase of some sort, maybe a spiral, providing access to garden from parlor flr patio in rear.

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    1. Hi, I highly recommend you Carlos Monar, he has built an amazing an iron deck for me – he is very honest and reasonably priced. He is specialised on iron. He can reach him at 347-885-5965. Just call him and you can go and see his work or you can ask him to take you to us. You will not regret it.

      Good luck,

    2. I have had 2 good experiences with Lopopolo Ironworks- not exactly your same exact project, but work which required smart planning and dependable workers- plus, his cost was quite fair.

      They came through both times and I know he does projects like yours too. Tell him Andy from 11 St recc’d him to you.

      2495 McDonald Avenue
      New York, NY 11223
      (718) 339-0572

    3. Call Anthony at A&J Ironworks, (718) 237-2642, you can say Bruce from Kane St recommmended him.

      Because he mostly does work for other trades, his prices are wholesale, not retail.