Putting in Another Electric Meter


    Currently I have one only one meter reading electric use for my two family house – does anyone know how much it costs to add a separate meter for my rental apt?

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    1. Well if you need the name of a good Electrician i recommend Erick the Electrician hes great. 347_512-4869

    2. If the house is a legal two family it’s very possible to install a second meter for the apt. Separating the wiring is a separate issue depending upon how everything is connected together. We would be happy to review the work with you and provide you with an estimate.

    3. lol, i need an electrician to do the reverse (basically jumper two switchboards to one meter for two apartments we joined together)

      costing me about $40 a month extra to have two meters.

    4. I added a second meter when I created 2 apartments and rewired the house. It was permitted and done by a a licensed electrician. That was long before I made it a legal 2 family. It was a while ago and they may have changed the requirements but you should check with a licensed electrician.

    5. We had this done about 13 years ago. First a licensed electrician has to separate the wiring between the apartments. It must be a legal 2 family house which you have to prove to Con Edison. The electrician filed all of the paperwork with Con Edison, and then after they approve the work, the meter is installed. I think we paid the electrician about $1500, maybe a little more. It was a while ago, so I don’t quite remember the exact cost.

      If you are going to keep the rental apartment with a tenant, it is worth the cost, especially if your tenant is using a lot of electricity.