HELOC Lenders Up To 90% LTV?


    Hi all-

    I’m looking for 2nd lien lenders that can provide a HELOC up to 90% LTV on 2-family brownstone in Park Slope. Assume FICOs in the high-700s, 80% first lien and documented income. Any leads are appreciated.


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    1. Good luck Random. I just tried to do the same thing on my condo. My original banker at Chase assured me it was do-able but then disappeared when he realized that he was wrong. I went to banks and brokers and it looks like no one is going to 90% at the moment. I was able to get to 81% with Sovereign and I think their underwriting department can get to about 85% with very good credit and special approval. I used Chris Caceres on a referral and he really was great…a big improvement over the unprofessional banker at Chase. He’s honest and professional. I really don’t have enough nice things to say about him. He also got the loan approved in about 2-3 weeks.

      I’m not sure if it will work for your situation, but I did a lot of homework and he was the only one that could help. You may want to give him a call – 718-984-6300

    2. Thanks Bkl – agree the big banks aren’t going above 80% CLTV. There are a few lenders (regionals and mid-size/niche players) who are. Just wanted to see if others had any particular success with one over the others. In an event, thanks for your response.

    3. I think you’re hearing crickets because the rules of the game have changed and the major banks aren’t doing 90% LTV on HELOC any more. But you already knew that. Good luck.