Painted Pavement


    Does anyone know the color code for sidewalk paint marks? I have a big yellow one that appeared today. There are pink ones up & down the block that have been there for a couple of weeks. I’ve gone to 311 & & found the name of the contractor & the permit number but the work they talk about doesn’t gibe w/ what I know. I’ve just had the pavers reset after they were heaved by a downed tree in the tornado & really don’t want to do it again. I’d just had it done last year too.

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    1. I’m around the corner from you. They’ve been doing street gas work in the area for some time now -street only. They didn’t mess with the sidewalks near me.

    2. There were similar marks made on Carlkton Ave in Prospect Heights. So far, the work done has involved stump removal, repair to the sidewalk and expansion of the tree pits. However they did manage to reinstall a tree pit guard backwards!

    3. Yellow is for gas lines or other flammables. You should see yellow marks on both the street and your sidewalk, relatively aligned. Pink usually denotes temporary survey marks.