Retaining Walls


    when our fence came down in the recent bad weather, it revealed a partly leaning row of blocks, that runs under the fence on the property line, and is tipping from our yard towards our neighbor’s yard, 6″ to 12″ lower in elevation than ours. A fence contractor recommended a low retaining wall to stabilize the new fence post supports and the soil. Our problem is that both we and our neighbors have plantings near the property line that we want to preserve. Has anyone solved a similar problem? We would welcome recommendations for a good contractor for the low retaining wall if we need to take that route.

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    1. Thank you both for your comments. Since posting last evening, I found on-line “Unilock” precast Roman Stack blocks for this type of application. Is anyone familiar with this product or know of good alternatives?

    2. Good morning
      there are several masonary products out there that will solve it, either a segment wall or a filled block with ties, – you are retaining only 12″ elevation of soil, so its to prevent erosion as much as providing stability. And it can be re-inforced from underneath without damaging your root structure.
      Give me a call – I’m not far away I will come by and give you options and an estimate
      917 886 9576 — John Fitzgerald, from Fitzgerald Renovations Inc.

    3. For something so small you should use a segmented retaining wall, use the one that does not require a concrete foundation. It will not require a permit and will allow installation with the least amount of damage. I would think either way their will be at least some damage. Any good handy man or landscaper could do the work for you. If you are handy, you could too. Just install the crushed rock per manuf. and stack it up.