Brick vs. Brownstone Upkeep Costs?


    Which kind of facade is more expensive and challenging to maintain – brownstone or brick? I have a sense of the brownstone repointing process which seems quite pricey, but I don’t know about brick facade maintenance. Can anyone share their knowledge please?

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    1. fake brick= jersey stucco
      It will be fairly easy to remove the jersey stucco and apply a brownstone finish.
      Basically the same process with a different finish of course.

    2. we have “fake brick” on the front o our building, ay ideas if it is possible to rpelace this with brownstone?
      any ideas on costs per square foot?

    3. If they’re both installed correctly, they will both last over 50 years… In homeowner speak this is an eternity. But after that re-pointing brick is cheaper than re- brownstoning.

    4. Bricks are generally much more resilient and will last a couple of hundred years, with pointing every 50 years or so required. Brownstone (sandstone) is much softer and resurfacing is more expensive than pointing. My $.02.