Rebuilding Brownstone Stoop


    The stoop has been rebuilt, i.e. it has its scratch coat on it and the underside has been rebuilt. What should go on the underside of the stoop, i.e. the area inside the closet (the underside of the steps)? Should some kind of coating be put on the cement? Many thanks – the contractor thinks it is not necessary to put anything on the cement.

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    1. If you do seal it… you should decorate under there. Maybe some rad posters and twinkly lights.

    2. what do you want to do -rent out the space under your stoop? Why would you want to seal the underside of your stoop with a coating? It will just trap in the water that seeps in.
      Give the masonry a break and let it breathe a little.

    3. I know nothing for sure, of course, but I enjoy sharing my two cents. Seems like you would want to be VERY careful about ‘over sealing’ your concrete creation… concrete take a while to properly cure and if you hermetically sealed it before that was done, seems like you could cause unintended cracking and whatnot.

      Again, totally BS’ing here…

    4. The inside of our stoop had only the stone/cement inside. No finishing, and an earth floor. In the doorway (ironwork) area under the stoop, there is a rough porous coating up to about 12″ above the floor (probably for drainage), then whitewashed stucco, scored to appear like large blocks resembling the size of the brownstone blocks.