Nat Grid- Minisplit Installer?


    Anyone used national grid to install their mini-split hvac system? Do they compare price and quality-wise to ther installers? Called them today, and they can have an estimator out tomorrow. The private companies seem much busier, and I’v had trouble getting someone to come estimate. Any recs on who is the best for this work?



    1. I recently had EXP Air LLC outfit 2 of my rental units with Soleus minisplits, very reasonable considering its a real company they issued an insurance cert. for the job. (I’ve had problems with dissapearing contractors before) The price was fine, they did not charge for an estimate. The 2nd unit had some issues and the guy came back 3 times to make sure that it was working. I thought they were going to pass the buck on me with some kind of charge but they said the unit was defective and they replaced it all free. Very responsive so I am doing my Park Slope apt. with them now they carry Mitsubishi but the Fujitsu units seem to be a little cheaper, same quality. They run all the lines, professional look- mounted the mini split condenser out of sight on back deck, did the electric from the panel too so all one contractor. 1 yr full warranty they say they own it for the fisrt yr for any problems so I really cant complain with that. Id reccomend them- seem to be pretty honest.