IKEA Returns (Without Receipt)


    Does anyone know if IKEA still has a policy to give store credit if you return a packaged item w/o receipt?

    I stupidly lost my receipt for a bed frame I purchased and realized doesn’t work for us. Used to be you could return for credit, but the policy on the website doesn’t state that.

    Anyone tested this recently to see if whether in person they will give credit at least?

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    1. If you can possibly avoid making the return on a weekend, I would guess your chances improve significantly. Ditto if you get there right at opening time.

    2. I tried to return some items to the red hook ikea a few weeks ago. If you did not have the original packaging or item was clearly opened and assembled, then they did NOT give full credit, they gave a portion of store credit and would not alter this policy at all. I was waiting for an hour and a half to return something and watched more than one person fight this policy, including a woman who returned a bed, that was assembled, and then disassembled and the manager was refusing to give them full credit. This woman argued for at least 30 minutes, no joke.

      Returning things there is intentionally a nightmare. I think they do that to discourage ppl from returning items.

      good luck to you!

    3. I recall from when I last bought stuff at ikea they give a 1% coupon to use on your next purchase when you pay with a debit card, and you can use it regardless of whether you return the original purchase.

      So, if you’ve got time on your hands – buy something for $100 with your debit card. Take the coupon for $1 and buy a bar of ikea chocolate. Take whatever you bought (and the receipt) over to returns and say you changed your mind, and get your $100 back. Free chocolate!

    4. Store policy online and what’s hanging in the store say different things. Online, it says all returns must be in original packaging. I returned without packaging (albeit with receipt) and got the $ back on a giftcard.

    5. this happened to me a couple of months ago. bring a copy of your credit card statement along with your credit card. all they need is the CC and the date of purchase. they reprinted a receipt for me. has to be within 90 days.