HPD Noise at 516 Bergen

For anyone who lives on Bergen St. or St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights, between Flatbush and Carlton, you may have noticed there’s an exceptionally loud, obnoxious noise coming from the HVAC unit on the back of an HPD/city-owned building at 516 Bergen Street. We’ve been struggling to get them to fix the unit, which DEP has repeatedly told us is well above the noise levels allowed in the city. If you live anywhere near this, I would urge you to contact the HPD commissioner, Vito Mustaciuolo. His e-mail is MUSTV@hpd.nyc.gov. He’s so far done nothing to solve the problem and it’s really intolerably loud. But the more people contact him about it the better. Thanks.


  1. I live nearby but not on that block so I haven’t heard the noise. Certainly when I walk to the Bergen St 2/3 stop I’m often dismayed by how obnoxious the HPD staff there are. Somehow as public employees they think they are above the law. I’ve seen them ogle and wolf-whistle young women in a really aggressive way. Have you called 311? Or maybe PHNDC (phndc.org) can intervene on your behalf? Also Patti Hagan lives on that block of St Marks and is abig neighborhood activist.