Faucet for Sale


    I hope this post doesn’t violate the new rules. I am selling a Rohl Modern Pull Down kitchen faucet in polished chrome. We recently renovated our kitchen and it turns out this faucet is too tall for the cabinets. It was installed but never used and is brand new. I would return it but the contractor threw away the box. Asking $675. Email me at lbandlfatyahoodotcom if interested.

    2 Replies

    1. $675 for:
      1. Used faucet.
      2. No original package.
      3. No way to return it to you if it doesn’t work out for the buyer.
      4. More expansive than BRAND NEW faucet.

      This one costs BRAND NEW $624!! Give it a few more weeks and I’m sure it will cost even less somewhere.

      God, I hate resellers pimping merchandise that costs more than new retail. This should be posted on craigslist instead.

    2. since you can buy the same faucet for $735, you are asking way too much…used construction material is worth about 20 cents on the dollar..you should be able to get 200 bucks on a sunny day