Bill from circular stairs


    Bill came today to do is final work on my staircase for the 2 floor.
    He gave me a estimate for the basement of 700.00$ for oak stair and the 1 floor 1100.00$ oak also and 2 floor stair 2700.00$ oak stair.
    He did half of the job he was suppose never told me previously that the 2700.00$ do not included the placement of the balustrade to the end of the railing and that will be another 400.00$ for that.
    I did got the balustrades myself at home depot.
    And today i did have to paid 150.00$ extra for drilling so he can place the balustrades .
    I will never recommend bill to anyone.

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    1. I was surprised to see negative comments about Bill at Fine Circular Stairs because I actually had chosen him after seeing recommendations on the Brownstoner and because his estimate was in line with what I could afford. I must say I was impressed with his work. Both he and his crew were great to work with–they came when they were supposed to,worked neatly, respected the tenants and finished the job according to our agreement. I’ve been in Fort Greene since 1971, seen renovations done in many houses and heard lots of complaints about work done or sometimes not done. I had no problem with this job. I would say Bill was straightfoward and easy to work with so I am happy to recommend him.

    2. I’ve used Bill in the past and he was great! So much so that I recommended him several times on this blog. I recently called him for some carpentry work and although he showed up to look at it, he didn’t get back to me with the estimate (after 3 conversations asking where is). He’s probably crazy busy and trying to take on too much.

    3. Mopar I bet they did or they sold them to the local antique dealer. I brought the whole lot from Bill and I still have a few curves and bends stashed away.

    4. I never lower the price that he gave me I agree with it, but not to jack up the price last minutes asking $400.00 more to do the rest of the job.
      And the job was not done properly on top of it.

    5. Did you lower him down from the original bid?? It would not be an excuse for him adding to the bill, but it would explain it. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that if your posting like this on a blog, you might have been a difficult customer for him too. Either way, that”s too bad the relationship fell apart.

    6. You were lucky,I not please at all with bill, and I just find out also that the last step is not fix properly

    7. Sucks.. Bill did a pretty decent job for me …My handrails were swiped by crack heads or disgruntled ex tenants before I purchased and I was able find all the pieces minus the balusters at his shop.