No parking in BedStuy on Thurs.


      So that was killed by another officer is having a funeral service on Throop between Macdonough and Macon. Up are signs that say no parking on about 8, maybe more, blocks in the Stuy. Where do they think hundreds of cars are suppose to go? While I respect the situation, I think it’s overkill. Even the school parking on Macon between Tompkins and Marcy will be restricted. Unreal!

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      1. Okay so just for an update:
        It’s actually about 24-27 blocks that the restrictions will be on. I will be on hand to show my respect, as I’m only a block away.

      2. I never said that respect was enough to negate this killing or any other. As the fraternity of Blacks working in law enforcement is relatively small when compared to the numbers of Blacks caught up in the system, there is no one commenting in this forum that understands that more than me. I said that I will personally reserve commenting on the causes that led to this until the deceased is laid to rest and I will do just that.

      3. No chosen, “respect” is not enough to mitigate the tragedy, nor is a well-attended funeral. It would be better if we were all outraged that police killings, especially in the white-to-black direction, were happening.

        I’m sorry, there’s no excuse for the various incidents that have happened–Diallo, et al; it just underscores the impetuousness (and lack of accountability) of the police. I, even as a middle-class non-white, could easily be in that position and I don’t take comfort from the fact that most times the police are indeed doing their job

      4. A2D,

        Please let’s not go there,now. The mood for the staff in all law enforcement agencies in the city has been a somber one because there is nothing “friendly” about “friendly fire.” I have made it a personal policy to wait at least until the deceased, no matter which side of the law they were on, is laid to rest before I comment on any deadly incident when neighbors and friends ask for my opinion on a particular incident. It is out of respect to their families. In the upcoming weeks, there will be ample opportunity, if not on Brownstoner then in other forums, to offer your opinion as to the cause.

      5. “The type of person who would walk through The Stuy chatting on their iphone toting tons of cash and then is shocked when they get robbed.”

        But what are you really saying… Could that not happen anywhere around the world. Been browsing these forums for years. You don’t have to say it, I already know what your thinking, which probably makes you a coward.

        Again, I express my most sincere apologizes, as I did not mean to come of like I didnt care. I clearly stated that I respect the situation.

      6. BTW,

        Despite the economic downturn, NYC is the safest city in the country. We have work to do on the tactics used to keep it safe but the safest city none the less, thanks to all of NYC’s law enforcement officers (Police, Correction, Courts, Fire Marshalls, Probation, Parole, ASPCA, School Safety, Hospital Police, CUNY Safety Officers etc..)and the thousands of civilian support staff who are almost never recognized for their tedious work.

      7. I meant that if you can’t wrap your head around the fact that lots of people are going to attend the services for a fallen officer (which is what happens every time uniformed personnel die) you must not be too aware of your surroundings. The type of person who would walk through The Stuy chatting on their iphone toting tons of cash and then is shocked when they get robbed. I said nothing about race. Black people can be just as stupid as white people.

      8. I’m 31, black, live/own in Bedstuy. I have two blood brothers on the force, one 3 years, and the other 14 years.

        Please tell me where you get “hapless as yourself to live in Bedstuy.” Im trying to read in between the lines here.

        Folks sure have lots of racial undertones to their talk on this forum. Part of the reason why…know what, let me leave that part alone, but guess where I was heading?

      9. One other point, it is officers like this one who make it possible for someone as hapless as yourself to live in Bed Stuy. You should stop and thank every police officer you see for providing you with a modicum of safety and express your sympathy for their loss.

      10. My apologizes go out to anyone who felt I was being insensitive. My deepest condolences go out to the family.

      11. Really. I have to say the inconvenience caused you, and other complainers, because of the funeral, is nothing compared to the loss of this young officer’s life, and the grief to family, friends and colleagues. Surely in the face of all that, having to find a distant parking space would at least leave you pondering the causes of that death, the tragedy off it all, sorrow for his wife, mother and family, and a little gratitude for the relative ease and comfort of your own life and circumstance. Grow up, indeed.

      12. This is just ew. You live in a city with millions of other human beings. This will occasionally make it hard to park your car.

        While I’m sure no one warned you that the untimely death of somebody whose job it was to protect you, your property, and your family might impact your life by being the cause of a one-day parking inconvenience, it’s certainly falls into the category of “minor inconveniences I shouldn’t sweat because they are part and parcel of living in a civilized place with decent people.”

        Grow up.

      13. Thank you Chosen for your service to the community and society, and for so eloquently explaining the situation to our inconvienienced parker.

      14. I understand your concern but I would hope that for you to lose a parking spot for one day so that the citizens of NYC can honor a fallen officer is a small sacrifice.

        The family of any active officer who passes away can request a Commissioners funeral. This means that in addition to the honor guard including the Emerald Society bagpipes, officers from various commands are sent to honor their fallen brother or sister. I have both voluntarily on my own time and been assigned by the Department to attend funerals of officers, many of whom I never knew personally. This service is of course to honor the deceased but this show of support is really for the family. It gives them a sense of pride that helps them through this very difficult time in their lives. When an officer dies in the line of duty, the turnout is even bigger. Law Enforcement agencies from all over the state and country will send a small contingent to pay their respects on behalf of their various Departments. All of the officers in attendance in uniform will stand in formation outside of the funeral venue from the beginning of the service until the end. There will be a “sea of blue,” In this case because the anticipated turn out is expected to be extremely large, it will require the closing of numerous streets as opposed to the usual three or four.

        I did not have the pleasure of knowing officer Edwards but we had much in common. Both of us Black kids who grew up in not so great circumstances who decided despite having been harassed by cops growing up to go into law enforcement so that we could make a change. I at the tail end of my career am financially set as I have reaped the benefits that top pay and years of training allows. I am very much looking forward to retiring next year at a relatively young age and he on the other hand barely made 35K to support his growing family but lost his life just the same. I know that there has been a push to have civil servants “give-up” more in exchange for their benefits packages. What more could Officer Edwards have given? R.I.P. Edwards.

      15. I understand your frustration, and it will be worse for those who come to work at the school Thursday morning. But, if the signs were up Tuesday night, as you indicate they were, that should give people more than enough time to park elsewhere.

      16. Just for clarity, are we talking about my post? After speaking to an officer at my local police station, I now that dozens of people have been calling in about this.

      17. Add me to this list. eman1234- he’s more than an embarrassment to his race- he’s an embarrassment to humanity.

      18. truly you are an embarrassment to your race.. i assume that you are white and vapid as your post