Finally tackling the basement


      Switching from oil to gas and getting rid of behemoth oil tanks in basement has got me fantasizing about the basement. Does anyone know a contractor who could take this on? I’m not looking for anything fancy, just taking down sheet rock, painting and hanging shelves. Could also be a handyman with a crew. Thanks…

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      1. Your Contractor should know how to take advantages of the incentives. They should be able to provide you with any paperwork needed or get you in touch with who can help you from National Grid. Is the Contractor a licensed Plumber? Permits are needed for this work.

      2. Curious to know if you benefitted from any incentives from National Grid. They keep advertising that they offer financial incentives to switch from oil to gas, which I am doing. Whenever I try to get some info from National Grid about incentives, all I get is references and calls for plumbers to do the work. My contractor is handling the job since I am doing a gut reno, so I don’t need any freakin references, I need to know how to initiate process to take advantage of the incentives. thanks

      3. OP here. I’m doing the conversion with Parkset plumbing. It’s costing about $8,000, including the rerouting of a dry return which was oddly positioned right over a door. If you’ve had a bad experience with them, don’t tell me… I’ve already paid a 50% deposit.

      4. Call Joey at 646-345-6400. He did our basement – he was very good and very cheap

      5. You can try calling Kabir from D.W.I.P. Contracting. Local company, reasonable and they show up!! Who do you have doing your oil to gas conversion?