cancel contract? (home improv..)


    Hi all, I am having an issue with a licensed contractor (job was stopped in progress), and we might be headed to administrative court with the DCA. Is it necessary to send a letter to the contractor stating that I am canceling the contract? Do I relinquish any future legal rights if this goes to civil court instead of the DCA?


    1. I had to recently terminate a contractor who went broke and did nothing but make excuses and disappear for months at a time. Owners have the right to terminate for various reasons, assuming you have the standard AIA contract. Terminating a GC and bringing on a new one is not so bad. Letting a bad one linger wastes a lot of time (months).

      Your GC is probably ahead on payment and so won’t mind being terminated. Mine didn’t. Hope your not too far ahead in payment.

      If you really want to know your legal position, hire a lawyer. Try to pay $500.