Mice have become insufferably cavalier about strolling through my home


    Can anyone recommend a good exterminator in the CG/BH/CH area?

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    1. Cats are absolutely your best solution but, for many it’s not a workable option. Not only do cats catch the mice but mice are instinctively afraid of cats and will stay away from homes that have cats.

      You can trick the mice into thinking you have cats though. You just have to ask your neighbors who have cats if you can have some of the fur that they’ve shed (We call them tumbleweeds). No matter how frequently I clean I find a tumbleweed of fur floating across the floor from time to time and if you place the fur around steel wool and shove it in the cracks where the mice have been seen coming in you will trick them into thinking that there are cats in the house.

    2. I have two resident mouse exterminators (aka cats) on permanent and exclusive retainer. A mouse tried entering our apartment this morning, and the cats were right on to it. It must have heard or smelled them, because it decided that any adventure into our apartment might be very short.

    3. Funny description. I’m picturing the cocky little rodents “strolling” through your living room with their top-hats, pocket watches and canes.

    4. A cat would put the little buggers in their place. Furtive mice are bad enough, but cavalier ones….

    5. Yes, Kingsway Exterminating: 718-859-8448. Richard & Joseph Kourbage. Nice, honest, prompt guys.