who can hook up gas dryer?


    We’re buying a new washer and dryer but Home Depot’s delivery people won’t hook up the gas dryer and we need someone to do it. Who do we call? Is this a… plumber? General handyman type? We are very much in need of recommendations of someone who can do this later this week cheaply. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Even more important than checking for gas leaks, a licensed plumber is trained to verify that the dryer is venting properly and can use an indicator to verify that there is no carbon monoxide spillage. Very important. Carbon monoxide is scary stuff. And god forbid something happen to your house (carbon monoxide poising, gas explosion), it will be difficult to hold the installation guys liable. I don’t mean to be alarmist but I know that this is one of those rules put into place to protect your safety and liability. Just be careful!

    2. There is already a gas dryer here, so it really is just hooking it up as it was. We will consider paying off the delivery guys, and also consider hiring a separate plumber. It’s funny that we got two responses to the former on here and on Park Slope Parents I got 4 people telling me to hire a certified plumber. Different demographics? ha.

    3. a gas dryer will need a dedicated vent to the outside, which i doubt the delivery guys could handle. so unless there’s already one present, you will need a plumber to set it up properly.

    4. I had the same problem recently. I had paid Home Depot for delivery and installation of my washer and dryer. But when the delivery guys came they told me they would hook up everything except the gas, since they were not allowed to. However when I offered to pay them, they gladly took care of it. They hooked up the gas line and used the solution to check for leaks.

    5. I had the same situation when I bought my gas dryer from GE recently. In my original order, I paid extra for installation. The day of the delivery, the delivery people called in advance and apologized that they wouldn’t be able to hook up the gas since there was a change in NY law recently that required a plumber to hook it up. Of course I asked them if they was any way around it but they said it was the law and GE didn’t realize it.
      So, when the delivery guys came, they verified the story, saying that they had hooked up dryers for years, but that now they couldn’t do it anymore. So, I figured that rather than hire a plumber and pay lots for something so simple, I asked them to do it and I would pay them directly. They were more than happy to do it, and they had the right tools to do it even. At this point, I knew that they probably did this all the time because what is a homeowner to do? Well, it worked out for the both of us. They got cash on the side(I think they asked for $80), and I got it done right away and didn’t need to wait and hire a plumber. Of course, GE refunded my installation fee and they were none the wiser.
      Maybe this can happen to you too! Just make sure that they test for gas leaks with their special solution that they use to pour on the connection to look for bubbles.