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As great a block as this house is on and as impressive a facade it has, the asking price of $2.2 million seems like quite a stretch for this side of Flatbush Avenue. The same family has owned the house since at least the early ’80s, and besides the strange addition of new granite tiles for the wall of the entry foyer, has done little work as far as we can tell. On top of that, while most of the original details are intact, they don’t strike us as being quite as impressive as we’d expect. To be fair, it could be how they’re photographed (subpar for a Corco listing). Anyway, in case it sounds like we’re being overly negative and nit-picky, it’s only because the asking price begs scrutiny. If this had been put on the market at, say, $1.7 million, we’d have a strikingly different reaction. The price is particularly rich for a family that wants to use this as a one- or two-family, as converting from a four-family won’t be cheap.
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What does $629,000 buy you in Bed Stuy these days? Well, take your pick. On the left we’ve got 369 Bainbridge, a three-story, 2,400-square-foot house that’s been in the same family for decades; the two-family has lots of original details and a new roof. We also have to give the broker the Most Honest Listing of the Year award for volunteerting the fact that the house is “across the street from public housing.” On the right we have 163 Pulaski Street, a two-family brownstone that has one floor and 1,000 square feet on the Bainbridge house. Unlike the Bainbridge listing, however, this broker has the wrong photo listed. The house was also bought last summer for $555,000 by a flipper who financed it with $700,000 in debt. Hmmmm. Anyway, which of these looks like the better deal to you?
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What does everyone think of this place? As far as we’re concerned, it’s neither fish nor fowl. If we wanted a loft, we’d be looking for beamed ceilings, old columns, etc.; we’d be happy to have some modern fixtures or finishes in that context, but we want the raw material to have some history in its bones. Maybe it’s the recessed lighting or we’re being unduly influenced by the leather couch, but we’re not feeling this converted two-story commercial building on Pacific betwen Smith and Hoyt. And judging from the fact that the price has recently been cut, no one else particularly is either. Perhaps that’s because it’s priced as if it were a four-story Greek Revival house on the same block. Don’t get us wrong: 3,750 square feet of high-ceilinged space in the area for $2,390,000 isn’t a rip-off in itself, but people don’t buy square footage, they buy a dream.
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There was an open house at 413 Sterling Place yesterday, which we’re hoping some of you attended cuz the listing doesn’t provide any interior photos. (It does, however, include one nice data point that others should: date listed.) The 3,000-square-foot, three-family house is asking $1,600,000. If the were in great shape this would be an interesting price. We’re betting this place hasn’t been touched in years. (Certainly no central air, judging from the window a/c units.) That said, we dig the rounded bay windows and the proximity to the park is sa-weet. How ’bout it? Who’s been inside?
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Even if the listing for today’s HOTD on Bergen Street didn’t include a photo with an easel and frames in it, one might still be able to guess that an artist lived there. The house has a very pleasing (in our opinion) vibe that is at once minimalist and respectful of its architectural history. (Either that, or the owner is using a great stager!) The listing is a little skimpy on photos though so it’s impossible to know if the rest of the house has the same feel. The fact that the 16-footer is located between New York and Brooklyn Avenues in the footprint of first phase of Crown Heights North landmark district makes the $850,000 asking price a little easier to digest, no?
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Gotta say we’re surprised this Ditmas Avenue Queen Anne Victorian hasn’t been gobbled up by some eager beaver renovator since we included it as an Open House Pick back in November. While it’s a little shabby in a genteel sort of way, the detailing is mind-blowing. Granted, the exterior is going to take some dough and we wouldn’t be surprised if the plumbing or electrical needed an updating, but this place is hot in our humble opinion. Why’s no one taken the bait yet?
1211 Ditmas Avenue [Brooklyn Properties] GMAP P*Shark
Open House Picks 11/17/06 [Brownstoner]


The reader who flagged today’s HOTD for us thought that it was significantly overpriced at $1,150,000. While we doubt the seller (who also happens to be a Fillmore broker) will get his ask, we bet he’ll get within 10 percent of it — not too bad of a return considering he paid $499,000 back in the summer of 2005. The brownstone house (we’re guessing 1890’s) is stunning both inside and out, though the jury’s still out on the new kitchen. And while we’re not familiar with the block off the top of our head, the neighboring houses appear to be of equal architectural pedigree. Any recent comps or insider info on this place?
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855 Jefferson Avenue [Craigslist]
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Believe it or not, today’s House of the Day was built in 1999. Located on the same block as the soon-to-be-condo’d Love Lane garage, the building succeeds on the exterior as a credible carriage house recreation (though a straight roofline might have worked a little better). The interior — all 1,300 2,400 square feet of it — is much less successful. For this location and this price we’d expect a hell of a lot more than recessed lighting and cheesy marble floors. If you’ve got money to burn and care more about having jacuzzi than nice moldings, this could be the place for you. Or, if you want to spend half as much for twice the space, you could always check this place out.
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This place looks like a pretty good deal. The 3,500-square-foot brownstone on Lincoln Place between Fifth and Sixth Avenues looks to be in very good shape with plenty of historic details. The double-duplex configuration also makes it financially within reach for a lot of folks who couldn’t otherwise afford a house in this part of town. Taxes are low and there’s even a little FAR left over. It’s also the 4th most-viewed listing on right now. This should go in a flash, don’t you think? There’s an open house on Sunday from 2 to 4 pm.
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The current owner of 1441 Dean Street paid just $626,000 when he bought the three-story, two-family house last June. Since then, he’s clearly done a lot of cosmetic work, polying the heck out of the floors and making the gorgeous wood paneling look its best. It’s unclear what else he did — nothing that required a DOB permit, that’s for sure. Given that the house falls outside the proposed Crown Heights North Historic District and is only three stories, the asking price of $849,000 feels a tad aggressive. We also wonder whether those floors might be a little too glossy in person. Waddya think?
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