We just received this photo, and the two on the jump, from an exuberant surfer friend who was over the moon to see the signage for the new Jack’s Coffee in the Rockaways getting painted this morning. (Yeah, we know it’s not technically Brooklyn, but it’s pretty darn close.) The new shop, which opened at the end of May, is at the break at the corner of Rockaway Beach Blvd and 96th Street. right next to the Rockaway Taco stand that he describes as “the best ever.” Click through to see an action shot of the Jack’s sign getting painted and one of the taco stand.


Regular readers may have noticed that our attention occasionally drifts to our neighbor to the North. We think this is justified by the fact that, of all the boroughs, Queens is probably the most comparable and viable alternative for most Brooklynites, both in terms of affordability and ambience. So we were interested to read in one of the many Metros that littered our subway station this morning that 25 new buildings are slated to rise in Long Island City over the next 5 years. Seems like a lot for the neighborhood whose ascent has been predicted for the last 25 years but has never quite materialized. Maybe it’s time has come.
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