Apparently there is an entire group in New York City devoted to celebrating the 19th Century.

This weekend, the 19th Century Society is taking over the Greater Astoria Historical Society to revel in past pastimes and Victorian ladies’ undergarments. Yes, fashion historian Christine Scott will be on hand to demonstrate how to properly lace a corset and when to wear a hoop.

If anyone wants to head over to Brooklyn, there will be a workshop on Sunday where you can learn the Victorian martial art of Baritsu. The Times Ledger has an interesting article about the upcoming events, some of which will take place at the Greater Astoria Historical Society, at 35-20 Broadway, on the fourth floor at various times on Saturday.


Houses in Queens are not selling as fast as they once were, according to Prudential Douglas Elliman via Curbed. The site reports both a decline in price and inventory in the borough. In Northwest Queens, where many new developments are located, the median sale price fell 15.8 percent from last quarter—but the number of sales stayed steady, at 194 units.

The Queens Courier also reports that southeast Queens remains the epicenter of citywide foreclosures.

According to a spokesperson from Property Shark, the 82 newly-scheduled foreclosure auctions in Queens account for 39 percent of New York City’s total foreclosure activity.

Still, the paper says that foreclosures in the city are down 18 percent as a whole when compared with this same period last year.

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This apartment, by the looks of it, seems like a  good value and definitely sunny. In Manhattan, rentals like this aren’t often up for grabs, especially not in quiet and convenient neighborhoods like Woodside. The apartment is on the top floor of a building with an elevator. One bedroom, one bathroom, and near the 7 train at 46th Street. The unit has hardwood floors and small pets are allowed. It’s listed by Bond New York.


Yes, it’s getting warmer. Yes, a bowl of hot Vietnamese soup is still nice.

We paid a visit to Pho Bang at 8290 Broadway in Elmhurst. We got the number 22, which is sliced rare beef round in a broth with rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil and lemon on the side. Of course, what makes this recipe sing is the scallions, onions and cilantro. The combination of hot soup and fresh vegetables is a uniquely Vietnamese magic. $5.75 gets you an enormous bowl.

The beef comes out raw. You sink it into the hot broth and it cooks right in the bowl. Since broth is always boiling at Pho Bang, table service is pretty fast, especially if you gain status as a regular. Adding Sriracha  gives it that extra special spicy kick, but if you aren’t one for nose blowing at the table, you might want to just leave it out. If you go alone, no worries, you will be dining next to others (who will be generally blowing their noses too) — a very intimate experience.

If you go with friends, try adding a small order of cha gio to the mix. The $4.50 fried spring rolls come with a dipping sauce and lettuce to wrap them in. The beef salad is worth a go, as is the lemongrass chicken and the summer rolls. Still, this place is called Pho Bang for a reason — hint, it’s the pho.

As if there needed to be another reason to try this place, it has a parking lot.

If you want something sweet after, head over to Quickly at 8306 Broadway and get an iced taro or milk tea with black tapioca pearls.

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We watched all 11 plus minutes of a video on OurLIC featuring Isaac Carmignani, from Community District Education Council 30, and learned CDEC’s may not be the center of power in the NYC education ecosystem. Carmignani does a good job in explaining the value that the Council does provide — its a place for parents to speak up about education issues that matter to them.  At tomorrow’s Council meeting they’re voting on, among other things, a resolution against DOE’s proposed closure of eight Queens high schools. The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at I.S. 230 located at 73-10 34th Ave. in Jackson Heights. GMAP

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Spring is here. So, if you are not suffering from all the pollen in the air, community gardens in Long Island City and Woodside are ready and waiting for your visit. There is also Two Coves Community Garden in Astoria, where you can garden with others in a group plot.

The Roosevelt Island Community Garden (pictured) is close to Long Island City and Astoria too.

The award for the borough’s best named oasis goes to the Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Community Garden in Rochdale.

If these community gardens aren’t enough for you, Farming Concrete can help you, but you’ll need some land and at least 10 people to get going.

For those not quite versed in gardening, New York Restoration Project can give you a helping hand at their workshop on May 12.

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The wife of a Sudanese diplomat was injured in crossfire on 31st Drive near 21st Street in Astoria, ABC News reports. This happened Tuesday in broad daylight and two groups of guys were allegedly fighting. Mawahad Elbahi, 31, was hit in the neck, luckily neither the child she was carrying nor her toddler were injured.

“It appears to be two groups of young men who were in a dispute and started shooting carelessly, randomly,” Kelly told the Daily News. “She was clearly an innocent bystander. It had nothing to do with her.”


      First comes love, then comes sperm donation, then comes the baby in the baby carriage, then comes love again.

      For former Queens Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills), this is how the story goes. In a New York Post Exclusive, Katz revealed that the sperm donor who fathered her two children is none other than 58-year-old Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa.

      Katz, 45, had dated Sliwa, but things never worked out exactly. The two stayed close friends and when she asked him for a sperm donation, he obliged. After divorcing his third wife, with Katz about to give birth for a second time, Sliwa found himself at Katz’s side in the hospital after baby Hunter was born with serious complications.

      The pair fell in love again, and the rest is (modern love) history. He wants to get married (yet again) but she seems to be on the fence. Maybe she doesn’t want to give him paternal rights just yet?

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