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It was almost instantaneous – our friends and neighbors around New York City identified the needs of those hit hardest by the surges of Sandy and swung into action.

Want to help, too? The following resources are designed to connect your resources – good stuffs, man-power, funds, blood, and clothes – to those in need in the Tri-State region and in Queens.

American Red Cross  The Red Cross is uniquely qualified to handle the most serious issues affecting victims of Sandy. You can donate money,  skills, and importantly, blood, for which they are specifically asking. They’re also at work in the Caribbean, Sandy’s first stop in her path of destruction.


Image source: riptheskull on Flickr

You might be wondering if the events in our Halloween roundup are still happening. Well, most of those we mentioned for tonight are still on, save for the Jackson Heights children’s parade. As a reminder, here are events that are still on tonight:

Ghouls Night Out – Halloween drink specials and awards for best costume at Applebee’s around NYC.

Applebees, Everywhere, Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, 7:00pm – Thu 7:15pm | FREE!

DST3K Halloween Pre-Party!– Devil Science Theater 3000 is an interactive event where the audience plays drinking games and makes fun of terrible movies while being egged on by professional comedians in the crowd!

Laughing Devil, Comedy Club, LIC, Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, 8:00pm – 11:00pm | No Costume: $10, In Costume: $5, Dressed as a Zombie: FREE!


Nothing is more fun than a good costume party and Halloween is the perfect occasion to get creative and let your hair down, blowing off work-related stress and enjoying the good spooky spirit of others. If you want to host a get-together and you’re not exactly a food stylist – you just want great, filling finger food, there are excellent resources right here in Queens to make your party a culinary hit. Queens is like no other borough with its unparalleled global marketplace – you can give your guests hearty, Fall fare that is somewhat unexpected but unquestionably delicious.


Image source: Seth Tisue on Flickr

Passing through Queens on such major arteries such as the Long Island Expressway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or the Jackie Robinson Parkway, you can’t help but notice an abundance of cemeteries in Queens. Although there are definitely more living than deceased residing in our borough, it’s staggering to know that millions of souls have been laid to rest here.


Image source: Times Ledger

The Real Deal reports that the Shops at Atlas Park, a mall in Glendale (GMAP), is in need of a makeover. The people operating the shopping mall are working hard to bring in new stores, and have succeeded to some extent – for instance, next year the trendy clothing shop Forever 21 is planning to set up shop in a 15,000-square-foot location at Atlas. The mall also wants to change their name, or so it is rumored.


The countdown for Labor Day is on and we’ve got three weeks to wear white pants and flip flops and cut out of the office early on Friday afternoons. While New Yorkers everywhere mourn the disappearance of Water Taxi Beach at Hunter’s Point, we’ve still got the Rockaways for sand and surf. Anywhere around the borough you happen to be, you can find plenty of casual summer fare, perfect for hot days and nights, to keep that feeling of summer going right up to the end.

Image source: karlnorling on Flickr

There’s been a lot of happy buzz about Motorboat & the Big Banana, located at the Rockaway Beach Club at the Boardwalk. A venture of Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill House’s Jean Adamson and Lindsay Robinson, who came from Diner (also in Brooklyn), it’s a low-brow fry shack that serves up very high quality grub (and check out this video of their food).  


First, State Sen. Mike Gianaris (D-Astoria) plays himself in this video shedding light on our state’s redistricting process.

Then, we learn that George Martinez is hoping to rap his way to congress in Glendale, Maspeth and Woodhaven on the Occupy Wall Street platform. His campaign is in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District, which also includes parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan (redistricting inspires everyone).

According to DNAinfo, Martinez challenged his opponent, longtime Rep. Nydia Velasquez to “a rap battle.”

This week, he unveiled his latest campaign strategy in the form of a music video titled:  “Occupy 2.0 All Streets, Bum Rush the Vote.”

Both Gianaris and Martinez could use a little editing, as their films are nearly feature length. But it would still be hard to take the place of ousted State Sen. Hiram Monserrate as our borough’s number one political entertainer. Remember when he got that job at a pizza shop and the New York Post reviewed the pizza place? That was amazing.

Bonus:  Councilman Peter Vallone Jr with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on drums. JK (sort of).