Summer’s still here (we think that sounds much better than “summer’s almost over”), and we hope you’re devoting your weekends to soaking up a few last outdoor adventures. If you enjoy stepping back in time while wandering around places like Governors Island – or have wanted to – then it’s time to check out Fort Totten Park, a lesser known historic gem in Queens.


We start off this week with a sampling of the wide variety of events happening all over Queens this week. Head on over for comedy, architecture, and some good old physical activity to start your week.

Image source: Socrates Sculpture Park

Folly – Quiet Monday evenings are usually perfect for a quick museum visit to engage the mind, so head on over to Socrates Sculpture Park tonight. This exhibition promises to get you thinking by exploring the interplay between architecture, design and sculpture. A “folly” – defined as a fanciful architectural form with a non-utilitarian purpose – lets architects loose to explore materiality, spatial interaction, and ponder about our built environment.


If you’re staying local this weekend or looking for a fun park outing, here are kid-friendly activities in 3 different Queens neighborhoods that will probably entertain parents too.

CityParks PuppetMobile Bessie’s Big Shot – Sunday – Bayside – SummerStage is hosting a puppet show about a cow who dreams big. The PuppetMobile, sponsored by Disney, has been making its rounds in NYC for the past few weeks — it’s a fun show not to be missed. For venue details, see the event listing. (GMAP)

Image source: Flickr – Friends of Gulick Park


Two Queens families have come into some money this month, according to Bayside Patch, Russell and Lori Irushalmi won a cool mil. playing Powerball on April 7, while the NY Post reports a Jackson Heights pre-school teacher found her almost one-year-old winning ticket in her purse while spring cleaning.

Yes, Lolymary Questel, 35, had a winning ticket in her purse for nearly one year. She dug up the crumpled ticket in mid-April and saw that she had purchased it on May 19, 2011. If she had waited just a few more weeks, she would have missed out on claiming the prize entirely, as there is a one year deadline.

The moral of her story is, don’t throw away old tickets without checking them first!” said lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman.

All winners plan on using the money to pay for their children’s college education. The question is, how many kids do they have? Each family collected $623,000 in lump sum.