Brownstoner Celebrates Its Steel Anniversary


    Brownstoner was founded 11 years ago this month. In that time, Brooklyn has turned into a brand recognized around the world, and a destination in itself to visit, work and live.

    Barclays Center opened to acclaim, global retailers from Uniqlo to Ralph Lauren have found a home here, and Brooklyn Bridge Park now welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

    Residents have worked hard to preserve important buildings and neighborhoods, including in the last few years Chester Court, a third historic district in Crown Heights, extensions in Park Slope and Stuyvesant Heights, and individual landmarks in Bushwick, Wallabout, and beyond.

    None of it has happened without controversy, of course, and the debate over development and gentrification continues.

    As Brooklyn has changed, so has Brownstoner. When the site launched in 2004, it chronicled a rapidly evolving borough through the lens of real estate and renovation. It quickly became a place for residents and industry professionals to discuss news, trends, homes on the market and renovation.

    Over the years Brownstoner has added real estate listings where readers can find a new home, and a Forum to share tips on anything from schools to landlord-tenant issues.

    To celebrate Brooklyn and Brownstoner’s steel anniversary, over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing stories from longtime residents and from our archive, and exploring literally and figuratively the role steel has played in shaping Brooklyn.

    Above, the steel wires of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Here’s to Brooklyn’s — and Brownstoner’s — past and future. We hope you enjoy.

    [Photo: Olivia Boddie]

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