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of Brownstoner readers used the forum and services in the past year.
of our readers spend more than $5,000 on home renovation annually.
of our readers have a major project planned for the next two years.
Data from Brownstoner 2015 survey.

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Our readers turn to Brownstoner to exchange advice about home improvement with their neighbors and our community of specialists. As part of the community, your business will appear alongside relevant forum discussions and be included in posts about your industry. Whenever people are discussing your specialty, your business will automatically be present.

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As a Brownstoner Services Pro, you’ll highlight your business and showcase your expertise in our popular home-improvement guides, which our readers rely on for guidance and inspiration. Sharing your knowledge will not only grow your reputation, but also help establish you as an expert in your field. Our readers will learn about what you do, why it’s important and why you’re the go-to for getting the job done right.

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When readers ask for professional help accomplishing home projects, we’ll introduce you as a qualified, reliable pro. Read more about Brownstoner Concierge.
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