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onefinestay is a hassle-free way to earn more money by putting your home to work while you’re out of town.

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You’ve put a lot of work into your home. You found a great space in a charming neighborhood. You fretted over the colors, installed new windows so there’s plenty of light, spent weeks trying to find the right couch for your living room and the right fixtures for the kitchen. When people come over they can’t stop telling you how beautiful it is.

Now, doesn’t it seem a shame to let your gorgeous home stay empty while you go on vacation? People would kill to stay in a place this nice.

This is where onefinestay comes in. You list your home on their website, let them know when you’re going to be away, and you can be earning extra income while they handle all the details back home.

Check out some of the beautiful homes listed on onefinestay after the jump and get a special 15 percent discount for stays in New York City…  (more…)

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Presented By Douglas Elliman.

The only way to truly understand Brooklyn is to walk its streets, see its homes, meet its people, and understand its ebb and flow. Never before has looking for a home in Brooklyn been this exciting.

Stop by Elliman’s Park Slope office located at 154 7th Ave.

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When you think of brownstone Brooklyn, those quintessential tree-lined blocks, beautiful stoops and the urban pastoral aesthetic, well, that’s prime Park Slope. Forget the punchlines about strollers, obsessive co-op shoppers, and hovering parents — that’s all secondary to the fact that this is one the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city, and, tucked next to Prospect Park, it offers plenty of open green space, sorely lacking in many other parts of Brooklyn.

Down the hill, to the west, 5th Avenue is the upstart shopping, dining and drinking district, while 7th Avenue, just two blocks from the park, is the traditional heart of the Slope. Stroll down the street keeping one eye on the architecture and the other on the many dining and shopping options, and make sure to take a side trip over to Prospect Park while you’re at it. Oh, and watch out for strollers. (more…)

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court house 7

Sponsored By Court House Apartments.

Court House Apartments Is Setting the Bar for Luxury in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Located at the intersection of four different Brooklyn neighborhoods, Court House Apartments offer modern design, gracious living spaces, and easy access to some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, bars, parks, and shopping. Two Trees, one of New York City’s foremost and forward-thinking developers, is now offering studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom rentals here. Court House is a modern building with top-of-the-line finishes and eye-catching amenities. Apartments are decked out with red oak hardwood floors, custom millwork, and oversize windows. Many units feature private outdoor spaces, and the whole building shares a communal outdoor terrace. The building includes a 24-hour concierge, underground parking, a bike room, package room, and laundry room on every floor.


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Presented By Douglas Elliman.

The only way to truly understand Brooklyn is to walk its streets, see its homes, meet its people, and understand its ebb and flow. Never before, has looking for a home in Brooklyn been this exciting.

Stop by Elliman’s Park Slope office located at 154 7th Ave.

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Over the past 20 years, Brooklyn has gone through a shocking transformation. Where once it was nearly impossible to get your Manhattan friends to come visit you in Brooklyn, now they’re moving in next door. This is especially true of particular parts of the borough, places that started out rough around the edges, only to become the hottest destinations in the city. It’s true of Williamsburg, of course. It’s true of Smith Street. And it is certainly true of Park Slope’s 5th Avenue.

Longtime Park Slopers remember a time when 5th Avenue’s crime rates made it, for some, a “no-go zone.“ While 7th Avenue was the main street for young families, 5th Avenue had trouble attracting businesses other than bodegas, 99-cent stores, hardware stores, and dive bars. Now, after seismic changes in crime rates, real estate prices, and demographics, 5th avenue has become the new main street, attracting high-end boutiques, inventive restaurants, and…dive bars. We’ve come a long way, baby.

So take a walk with us down 5th Avenue! We hope you’re ready to shop, eat, play, drink and eat some more.


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Sponsored By Manhattan Association of REALTORS®.

The Manhattan Association of REALTORS® (MANAR) is a professional trade association representing the real estate industry in Manhattan.

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The new World Trade Center is fundamentally transforming downtown Manhattan. The Hudson Yards was on the cover of Fortune, described as “America’s Biggest Real Estate Project… Ever.” With $70 billion dollars in foreign investment in U.S. real estate development, there has never been a better time to talk about global real estate.

This Wednesday, March 26, The Manhattan Association of REALTORS® is hosting its third annual Global Real Estate Symposium at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in Manhattan.

“This will be a great overview of what’s going on in the New York market,” says Global Symposium Chair Rick Wohlfarth. “Foreign buyers are driving the high end of the market.” (more…)

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Court Street in Brooklyn is full of extreme contrasts. Trendy new stores and restaurants abut family-run establishments that have been in business for over half a century. The meshing of quintessential Brooklyn and the rapidly gentrifying city only adds to the appeal of Court Street, and has led to a unique gastronomic scene with a penchant for international flavors.



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A comfortable modern nursery by Karen Chien Inc.

Sponsored By Karen Chien Inc.

Karen Chien Inc brings luxury residential interior design to apartments, lofts, and townhouses in NYC.

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Karen Chien Inc., a boutique interior design firm based in Dumbo, brings an innate understanding of the blossoming neighborhood’s needs to her projects. See, owner Karen Chien not only works in Brooklyn but lives, designs and finds much of her inspiration in the borough. Many of her clients, therefore, are also her neighbors so her empathetic approach is ingrained in her work.

Case in point: Chien recently finished a design project in Dumbo for a couple with a new baby. Their goal was to transform a space with bachelor furniture into a grown-up apartment — a common problem in Brooklyn. The result, pictured above, was a “comfortable modern” look that works for the whole family. Success!


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Sponsored By Wonk.

Contemporary customizable furniture, built to order in Brooklyn.

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It’s your home. You have your own design sense, color schemes, and storage needs. The dimensions of your house or apartment aren’t like everyone else’s.

That’s why Wonk makes every piece of furniture to order, based on your input. Wonk president and chief designer David Goltl’s cool, modern furniture designs look great in the catalog, but that’s just the start. Then you choose the finish, the hardware, and the design details. Want your bookcase to be 75 percent longer? Your bed to have built-in storage drawers? The designers at Wonk will provide detailed drawings showing what it will look like, and you’ll have a finished piece six to eight weeks after placing your order.

Take a look at some of Wonk’s custom designs after the jump. (more…)

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Sponsored By BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a brand new private K-12 school with a program of study ranked among the best in the world.

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Today we consider kids precocious if they can launch a start-up in college, but BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a private K-12 school opening this fall in Red Hook, believes students can achieve great heights and pursue their big ideas before they even leave high school.

BASIS.ed is synonymous with rigorous coursework. In eighth grade, students delve into a full year of introductory-level economics and have the chance to enroll in advanced electives such as environmental science or psychology. The BASIS Independent Schools’ curriculum undoubtedly has a strong STEM focus, but in truth they’re just returning to the roots of a well-rounded education. (“The original ‘liberal arts and sciences’ was made up of seven disciplines covering the full spectrum of knowledge,” BASIS Independent Schools communications director, David Schulz, points out.) Students are required to take an array of courses in history, language, literature, science and math, but also have their choice of advanced electives in subjects ranging from computer science to digital photography. (more…)

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landlords ny

Sponsored By LandlordsNY.

Landlords and property managers now have a new way to help them run a more efficient and successful business.

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On March 4, real estate startup LandlordsNY will be hosting their Property Management Symposium at the newly remodeled Roosevelt Hotel. The event is the only conference designed exclusively for landlords and property managers.

Joseph Sitt, one of city’s biggest landlords and prominent developers, will share his experiences plus inside tips for succeeding in the business. He’ll also be fielding questions from the audience in the “Landlords Schooling Landlords” panel, along with other veteran building owners.

Tickets are $99 to attend and is only open to LandlordsNY members, a free platform. Brownstoner readers are invited to use the promo code “NEWS” at checkout to receive tickets for just $50. Register here at https://symposium.landlordsny.com/register. (more…)

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Sponsored By A River of Opportunities.

Linking affordable, historic manufacturing and warehouse space with artisans, clean tech and food/beverage production.

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In an 85,000-square-foot warehouse 55 miles north of New York City is a museum that is testament to one man’s twin passions: for motorcycles and for the City of Newburgh.

The Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh is home to over 500 motorcycles. It began when Newburgh residents Ted Doering and his father started collecting motorcycle parts over 60 years ago. During that time, they have amassed an immense and rare collection of motorcycles. They could have chosen anywhere to open the museum, but they decided to do it in a warehouse in the City of Newburgh, because that’s where Ted’s heart is. He wanted not only to preserve and showcase the treasures they had acquired, but to help put his hometown back on the map. (more…)

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Sponsored By IREM Asset & Property Management Symposium.

Save 25% & register today for the New York asset & property management event of the year - IREM Asset & Property Management Symposium.

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On Tuesday, March 11, the New York Academy of Sciences in 7 World Trade Center will host the Asset & Property Management Symposium — the only New York-centric event to focus on the performance of buildings, portfolios, staff, and individuals. Save 25% when you register for the event with the promo code MP-25BROWN at http://iremams.com/register.

More than 300 of New York’s property and asset managers will come together for this one-day event and the opportunity to learn about the tools of the trade from leading experts in the field. The day begins at 8 am with a networking breakfast. The first session of the morning features a power panel of New York’s top asset managers — including Edward LeGrassa, president of Chilton Realty, and Joseph Giannola, vice president of asset management — discussing issues such as managing cash flow, maximizing long term asset value, and minimizing costs. (more…)