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Let Gotham show you how getting NYC home insurance is fast, friendly, affordable, and easy.

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, ringing in the start of America’s holiday season. It’s a time to celebrate with your family and friends…and a time to be smart. Whether you’re celebrating with candles, Christmas trees, or cooking a huge meal, an ounce of prevention can make sure your holidays don’t go from merry to scary. (more…)


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car2go will get you to where you need to be: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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Those of us who suffer from Parallel Parking Stress Disorder (PPSD) know it’s no laughing matter. After driving around for blocks, looking for a place to park, you find a spot that your car just might fit into — but is it even physically possible to edge your way into it? Are you going to set off a car alarm? Are those people on the stoop laughing at you? If only all the cars behind you would stop honking….

Fortunately, with car2go, fitting into a parking space is rarely a problem. The innovative car sharing service, now available in Brooklyn, allows members to use a mobile app to find a car parked near by, drive it to where they want to go, and park almost anywhere. At almost half the length of a regular car, a car2go will fit in those tiny spaces no one else will be able to use. That makes it easy for car2go members to park near their destinations.

Sign up today and see for yourself how painless parking can be. For a limited time, registration is free, plus you get 30 free minutes of drive time (just use the promo code “BKLYN”). Obviously, Brooklyn’s alternate side parking rules offer their own challenges, so check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking and watch car2go’s video on parking in Brooklyn.


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123 on the Park is a new rental residence that directly overlooks one of the most beautiful parks in all of New York City... Prospect Park.

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It’s no surprise that people love living in Prospect Park South. The neighborhood borders Brooklyn’s favorite amenity — Prospect Park — and is also home to a growing number of local restaurants, bars and shops. The area is mostly dominated by free-standing Victorian homes, complete with front yards and porches, as well as older buildings. That’s why 123 on the Park, a new rental development overlooking Prospect Park, is unique for the neighborhood. Here you’ll find modern, luxury rentals and top-of-the-line amenities within the quaint, historic neighborhood of Prospect Park South. (more…)


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Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing offer a variety of moderately priced rent stabilized apartments.

All along the East River, in Brooklyn and in Queens, shiny new high-rise apartment buildings are going up. These towers boast deluxe amenities and stunning views. Those New Yorkers with limited incomes would be forgiven for thinking that an apartment in one of these buildings would be out of their reach. However, thanks to various government initiatives, many of these buildings are mixed-income developments that offer affordable housing options.

Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing are the first two mixed-income residential buildings at Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City. All 925 units are moderately priced rent stabilized apartments. They are offering studio apartments for as low as $494 a month, one-bedrooms for $689, two-bedrooms for $835, and three-bedrooms for $959. As you can imagine, the demand for these apartments is high, and qualified applicants should apply to be entered into the lottery. (more…)


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Join us for the 2nd Annual American Fine Craft Show at Brooklyn Museum, part of The Art of American Craft Museum Show Series.

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How often do you get to walk into Brooklyn Museum and walk out with some of the art? Well, on November 22 and 23, you’ll get your chance. The American Fine Craft Show Brooklyn will be returning to Brooklyn Museum, just in time for you to get an early start on holiday shopping. And if you enter our contest below, you may even win a piece of art valued at $900!

The American Fine Craft Show Brooklyn will be held in the museum’s Beaux-Arts Court, featuring the works of over 90 exhibitors, including handmade ceramics, decorative and wearable fiber, furniture, glass, sculptures, jewelry, and leather apparel. There will be fashion by Patricia Palson, ceramics by Jerry Bennett Pottery, glass by Jeffrey P’an, furniture by Doug Meyer of Rustbelt Rebirth, and much more.

The show is a fantastic shopping opportunity for collectors and craft enthusiasts. The craft show will also serve as an ideal complement to the museum’s exhibition “Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond.” And because your ticket to the craft show includes general admission to the museum, you can also check out the special exhibition “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe,” as well as the museum’s long-term exhibitions and permanent collections. (more…)


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The O'Connell Organization is a family owned and operated real estate development business with over 150 properties in New York State.

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On September 30, the Red Hook Initiative hosted its annual Taste of Red Hook event at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation. Dozens of local restaurants and vendors volunteered their time — and their best dishes — to raise funds for the Initiative. Check out our food porn photos after the jump — it might give you some ideas of which restaurants you should check out this weekend.

The Red Hook Initiative is a not-for-profit organization that offers a helping hand to Red Hook residents. They have multiple programs that support young people through their educational careers, and they provide professional development to ensure that local residents are given opportunities to serve their community. Overall, RHI focuses on building a healthy and sustainable Red Hook community. (more…)


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car2go will get you to where you need to be: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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Some day your grandkids will ask you where you were when car2go first arrived in Brooklyn, and you’ll be able to tell them you exactly where you were: In one of the cars, taking it for a spin.

The wait is over: car2go is now in Brooklyn, waiting for you to drive them. If you’ve already signed up for a car2go membership, got your card in the mail, and downloaded the free app for iOS and Android devices, you’re ready to go. Just use the app to find a car near you, drive it where you want to go, and leave it in a legal parking space anywhere in your Brooklyn home area. You just pay by the minute — no reservations needed, no monthly or yearly fees, no paying for gas or insurance. (more…)

Red-Antler-Dumbo-view-1312View from a Red Antler conference room, 20 Jay Street

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Two Trees has made Dumbo one of the most sought-after commercial and residential neighborhoods in NYC.

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We all know the story of how Dumbo transformed over the years from a center of Brooklyn industry to a mecca for artists looking for cheap real estate and then into the headquarters for creative businesses it is today. Tech startups, design firms, photographers and sound studios all take advantage of the neighborhood’s abundant warehouse space — perfect for modern, open-plan office layouts.

Dumbo has a lot to offer this new breed of creative innovators: outstanding views, bars, restaurants, shopping, a brand-new park, and a vibrant technology and design community who inspire, challenge and support each other. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work in Dumbo today, here’s an inside look at what’s going down at three of the coolest offices in Dumbo.



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car2go will get you to where you need to be: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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On Saturday, October 25, as you emerge from your apartment to go to brunch or shop at the farmer’s market, you may see a strange sight on the streets of Brooklyn. Those tiny new cars you’ll see parked everywhere don’t mean that your neighborhood has suddenly become populated by hobbits — they’re the first sign that car2go has come to Brooklyn.

These compact wonders are fun to drive, easy to park, and have extremely low CO2 emissions. They’re perfect for all sorts of city trips: errands, shopping, commuting, a quick, one-way trip across town. Live in Williamsburg and you want to meet up with friends at Union Hall in Park Slope? Need to go to Home Depot to pick up supplies for your Prospect Heights apartment? Itching to go for a run along the Shore Parkway in Bay Ridge? Just grab a car and go. (more…)


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onefinestay is a hassle-free way to earn more money by putting your home to work while you’re out of town.

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You may have already started planning for the holidays. Maybe your parents want you to visit for Thanksgiving, or you’re thinking of going somewhere warm between Christmas and New Years. As much as you hate to leave your cozy Brooklyn home and your funky Brooklyn neighborhood, Mom’s turkey, or a piña colada, is calling your name.

Meanwhile, someone right now is planning their holiday visit to New York, and you know what? They would kill to stay in a home like yours.

This is where onefinestay comes in. You list your home on their website, let them know when you’re going to be away, and you can be earning extra income while they handle all the details back home.



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car2go is always a pleasure to drive: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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Brooklyn is going through something of a transportation renaissance. Remember the old days, when it was impossible to get a cab, and you had to call for a dicey, fake-pine-smelling livery car? Now there are bike lanes, green cabs, and, coming this month, car2go. Soon, when you need a car, you’ll just find one parked nearby, drive to your destination, and leave it there for the next person to use.

If that sounds like something you might want to try, make sure to register for car2go before the October 25 launch date: for a limited time, you can sign up for free and you’ll get 30 minutes of free driving. There’s no monthly fee with car2go — you just pay for the minutes you use. So this is a free chance to drive the eco-friendly, two-passenger Smart Fortwo around your favorite borough (and to see how easy it is to park a car that’s 35 percent smaller than average). (more…)


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car2go is always a pleasure to drive: just take it, drive it, park it. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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In Germany and Italy, in Seattle and Austin and Miami and Montreal, people have been experiencing a quiet revolution in how they get around their cities. When they have somewhere to go, they find a nearby car, climb in, and drive it to their destination. Then they leave it there, ready for the next person to use. It’s like Citi Bike but with cars, and more places to park.

And now it’s finally our turn. car2go is coming to Brooklyn on October 25. And if you sign up now, for free, you’ll get 30 minutes of free driving.

With car2go, there’s no monthly fee. Once you’ve signed up, been accepted, and get your card, you pay only for the minutes you use. You see one of their cars on the street (or find it with their app), you just get out your card, grab it and go. When you’re done, you park it in any legal, non-metered parking space in your Brooklyn home area and walk away. Check it out!

You can probably imagine the times it might be handy to grab one of these adorable, easy-to-park cars and hit the road. There are those neighborhoods that are not directly connected to each other by subway, like Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights. (Or Red Hook and… almost anywhere.) Take an impromptu trip to Coney Island. Get your cat to the vet in no time. The possibilities are endless.

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions. Check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking. And don’t forget to sign up now while it’s still free (Promo code: BKLYN), and get 30 minutes of free driving!