Bushwick blog Wyckoff Heights wonders, in light of the surge of development in Bushwick, “how will developers treat historic buildings in Bushwick and Ridgewood?” The answer may be disheartening, considering that many of the neighborhood’s buildings are not landmarked. At 204 Starr Street, a developer removed the cornice and is now constructing a rooftop addition. Above, the before and after pictures at 204 Starr. Over on Suydam Street, 414 is getting a new raised roof, parapet and facade. On Stanhope Street in Queens in the Cypress Avenue West National Historic District, more owners are looking to add extra floors to buildings. The architect working on 400 Stanhope said there are plans for a setback to maintain the historical look of the building. Meanwhile, we would like to note, historian Adam Schwartz and others have been working to landmark portions of Bushwick Avenue for a few years now.
How Will Developers Treat Buildings in Bushwick and Ridgewood? [Wyckoff Heights]
Photos by Wyckoff Heights

bogart-loft-080210.jpgYou may remember in June when Loft Laws were passed in three of Brooklyn’s industrial zones, giving tenants the option of rent stabilization and forcing landlords to bring loft buildings up to code. Bushwick BK revisits the topic, touching upon some questions brought up in a recent town hall meeting. While landlords have six months to register illegally converted lofts with the city, no one knows how much money it will cost to bring buildings up to code or how much of that cost can be passed along to tenants. Attorney David Frazer commented, “It’s going to be very costly to legalize…The easiest way to do that is to get rid of tenants, and you’re going to have to start looking for ways to protect yourself.” There was also concern loft laws would drive out manufacturing in the area, but Loft Board Member Chuck DeLaney retorted that, “Having you here is a lot better for manufacturing than having the people who would replace you through gentrification.”
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Picture by Jeremy Sapienza for BushwickBK.com