Carroll Gardens House for Sale -- 509 Clinton Street

Located at the corner of 4th Place and Clinton Street in Carroll Gardens, this brick row house has a few distinguishing quirks, including the fact that it sports two addresses — 46 4th Place and 509 Clinton Street.

The entrance is at the rear of the building, on 4th Place, where there’s a one-story extension housing a small studio apartment. The rest of the 3,200-square-foot house holds three units, one on each floor. Which means some refiguring is in order for anyone who wants to carve out an owner’s duplex or triplex. (more…)

Carroll Gardens Brooklyn -- Parlor Floor Renovation

It was a lucky score: an 1890s brownstone in Carroll Gardens with an exceptionally long (70 feet) parlor floor and a load of well-preserved detail. The new homeowners came to Brooklyn-based architect Kim Hoyt for help creating an owners’ duplex out of two separate flats, as well as a new kitchen at the rear of the parlor floor. (more…)

Carroll Gardens House for Sale -- 393 Clinton Street

Grand Italianate brownstones with all the trimmings intact do not come along too often in Carroll Gardens, but here is the second we’ve seen in as many months. This one, located at 393 Clinton Street, offers a motherlode of original Italianate detail, including elaborate cornices, an ornate marble mantel with a carved pier mirror, arched doorways and stained glass.

Oh, and it’s got a price tag that’s just as eye-grabbing: $7,100,000, to be exact. (more…)

Carroll Gardens Brownstone for Sale -- 371 Clinton Street

Our point of focus today is a four-story brownstone at 371 Clinton Street, set up as a one-family home. In pristine shape, it’s ready to move into, for the buyer who can swing the ask of $4,495,000.

Though not awash in detail, it’s got some nice features — a wood burning fireplace with a marble mantel, moldings, original hardwood floors, wooden shutters, all in fine condition.



Today’s condo is an attractive one-bedroom in Baltic Tower, a condo building at 378 Baltic Street in Carroll Gardens. (Some might say Boerum Hill or Cobble Hill — the listing has it as the latter.)

It’s on the ninth floor with a bunch of south-facing windows and a sliding glass door, so views and light are a big plus here — not to mention the small balcony where the sliding glass door leads.

The layout is basic and sensible. You’ve got a good-sized living/dining room, a kitchen and bedroom of moderate size, and a single bathroom. The kitchen is quite nice, with a white Caesarstone countertop and light-wood cabinets, and it looks to be pretty recent. (more…)


Brokers are fond of calling places “a rare find” – well, this one really is. You may have seen plenty of brownstones with period detail, but this one – at 46 1st Place in Carroll Gardens — is downright aristocratic.

Check out the columns, the stained glass, the ornate woodwork and crown moldings, the scrollwork, the inlaid floors. We don’t know how many they made like this, but not many survive, and certainly not in this kind of condition.

The house even has a name: Wisteria.

The place is huge as well. It’s 24 feet wide and four stories, for around 6,000 square feet. (more…)


An untouched five-story brownstone that had been owned by the same family for a century provided a blank canvas for CWB Architects, one of Brooklyn’s busiest specialists in high-end townhouse renovation. The 1870s structure was in dire shape when the new homeowners undertook a two-year project to convert the house, which had been chopped up into apartments, to a single-family dwelling for themselves and their two young sons.

“Nearly half the floor structure was cracked,” said Brendan Coburn of CWB. “The only things we kept were the front wall and two side walls.” The back wall and all the interior framing are new.

It was an opportunity to rethink the house from, as it were, the ground up. The 20-foot-wide building “is gigantic for a family of four,” Coburn said, “and that made figuring out how to arrange the program a bit tricky.” (more…)