201 clinton avenue clinton hill 122014

We don’t have many photos to go by, but this new two-bedroom listing at the Clinton Hill Co-ops appears to be in good shape with good exposures and light. The floorplan is also nice, with a big square living/dining area and two bedrooms of equal size in the back. Please note, though, that there’s only one bathroom. Asking price for the 1,000-square-foot pad is $675,000.

201 Clinton Avenue, #4C [Corcoran] GMAP

415 argyle road ditmas park 122014

This duplex at 415 Argyle Road in Ditmas Park looks like a decent deal in the current market. The two-bedroom pad has been recently renovated and sports 1.5 bathrooms in addition to a small private balcony. As for value, you get 1,316 square feet for the asking price of $799,00. (The monthly maintenance is $1,135.) Dig it?

415 Argyle Road, #2-30 [Corcoran] GMAP

55 pineapple street brooklyn heights 112014

This new co-op listing at 55 Pineapple Street, with its foyer and separate kitchen, has a more generous layout than a typical studio. It’s also got a nice prewar vibe. Unfortunately, it’s also on the ground floor. You can’t have everything! Get a look at the open house this Sunday from 1 to 3 pm. Oh, and the asking price is $315,000.

55 Pineapple Street, #1G [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

570 westminster road ditmas park 112014

This one-bedroom that just hit the market at 570 Westminster Road in Ditmas Park is a charmer. The prewar building has a lovely set-back entrance with gardens out front. The apartment itself has lots of prewar detail along with an updated kitchen. The foyer adds some formality — as well as some extra square footage. The ask is $459,000. What do you make of the price?

570 Westminster Road, #E16 [Brooklyn Hearth Realty] GMAP

10 plaza street east prospect heights 112014

This two-bedroom co-op at 10 Plaza Street that just hit the market asking $999,000 has a sensible and generous layout as well as a private terrace with a view of Grand Army Plaza. The corner location also sports lots of windows and light as well as two full bathrooms. Very solid. The monthly maintenance on the 1,200-square-foot pad is $1,160.

10 Plaza Street, #3A [Corcoran] GMAP

39 remsen street brooklyn heights 112014

This new listing at 39 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights looks like a floor-through of a brownstone but it’s actually only half the width of a larger building. Just a block from the promenade, the location can’t be matched and there are lots of beautiful original details in the front and back rooms.

The middle, where a marble entry and new kitchen have been constructed, is not as compelling to us. In particular, the kitchen detailing (the floor tiles and the style of subway tiles) feel a little out of place.

But if you can afford the asking price of $2,875,000, chances are you can afford to tweak the kitchen to your liking. Otherwise, the scale and historic nature of the place are amazing.

39 Remsen Street, #1ABC [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

917 president street park slope 112014

This parlor-level floor-through apartment at 917 President Street in Park Slope just hit the market with a price tag of $1,495,000. That’s a princely sum for a single floor but the apartment is in a primo location and benefits greatly from a generous rear addition that accommodates a kitchen, a bathroom and an extra bedroom. The place is in beautiful shape and comes with lots of architectural detail.

917 President Street, #1 [Corcoran] GMAP

1212 ocean avenue kensington 112014

This two-bedroom co-op at 1212 Ocean Avenue in Flatbush doesn’t photograph well but that’s a good thing for buyers with a little vision. Beyond the clutter and flash lighting we see lots of prewar details and a lot of square footage (1,250) for the price ($285,000). In case you haven’t been following, $228 a foot for a prewar apartment is hard to find! Strong buy.

1212 Ocean Avenue, #6B [Fillmore] GMAP

542 9th street park slope 112014

This lower duplex at 542 9th Street in Park Slope just hit the market with an asking price of $1,950,000. There is some nice historic detail and the unit comes with a private garden. On top of that, both floors have an extension, which means a more generous layout than your standard brownstone. The place feels a little shabby to us, but nothing that a new owner couldn’t spiff up without much trouble. And, don’t forget, it’s less than a block from Prospect Park.

542 9th Street, #1 [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

382 prospect place prospect heights 112014

No one’s going to accuse this two-bedroom at 382 Prospect Place of being too large but the cozy pad has been recently renovated and appears to have nice natural light. The layout’s a little wonky — with two 45-degree-angled walls and access to the second bedroom through the kitchen — and there’s only one bathroom. The square footage is not provided but we can’t see how it’s more than 500 square feet. The ask is $525,000, which seems high in our book given the size, although it is just west of Washington Avenue.

382 Prospect Place, #3 [Corcoran] GMAP

415 ocean parkway kensington 112014

If you’re looking for an affordable prewar two-bedroom in Brooklyn you’re unlikely to find a better value than this place at 415 Ocean Parkway in Kensington. The pleasingly rectilinear floor plan includes an eat-in kitchen, dining area, and two bathrooms in addition to the two bedrooms. The 1,150-square-foot pad has a monthly maintenance of $999 and an asking price of $599,000. Sound like a deal?

415 Ocean Parkway, #5D [Brooklyn Hearth] GMAP

135 clinton avenue clinton hill 112014

This new listing at 135 Clinton Avenue is worth a look. The two-bedroom co-op takes up the top floor of a 25-foot-wide townhouse in Clinton Hill and comes with its own private roof deck. The interiors have lots of historic detail and the monthly maintenance of $1,056 shouldn’t break the bank. The asking price is $750,000. We bet they’ll get it.

135 Clinton Avenue, #4 [Corcoran] GMAP