35 pierrepont street brooklyn heights 2 12015

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom co-op at 35 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights just hit the market with an asking price of $1,599,000. It’s been recently renovated and has lots of prewar charm. Some potential buyers may not be thrilled to learn this place is on the second floor, but otherwise we can’t see anything to grouse about.

35 Pierrepont Street, #2C [Stribling] GMAP

26 south oxford street fort greene 12015

26 South Oxford Street must have been quite a pad when it was originally built. The limestone facade is beautiful indeed. It’s a little less impressive on the inside these days, where the former mansion has been divided into apartments. A garden floor duplex has just come on the market asking $1,150,000.

The lower level faces the rear (and thus benefits from a private garden) while the garden level faces the street. While the lower level has been gut renovated, the garden floor still has enough original detail to conjure an old-world vibe. What do you make of the pricing?

26 South Oxford Street, #1A [CORE] GMAP

9 prospect park west park slope 12015

The owners of this sixth-floor co-op at 9 Prospect Park West have been trying to unload the three-bedroom pad for some time now. They originally had it on the market for $1,800,000 in 2011 and then again for $1,525,000 in 2013 — no takers either time. Now the 1,800-square-foot apartment is back, with a new-and-improved asking price of $1,935,000. It’s a lovely place with lots of prewar details and nice light and views. The layout seems slightly suboptimal to us and the place could use an extra WC accessible by guests. The monthly maintenance is $2,090.

9 Prospect Park West, #6A [Corcoran] GMAP

60 pineapple street brooklyn heights 12015

This new listing at 60 Pineapple Street caught our eye because of the price-per-square-foot metrics: 1,050 square feet in Brooklyn Heights for $599,000 these days is a good bang for the buck, even if it is below grade. The layout is kinda railroady too, with no actual spot for a real bedroom in the current configuration. Maintenance is $1,106 a month. In summary: Not a very compelling apartment but the price can’t be beat for the area.

60 Pineapple Street, #B [Town Residentail] GMAP

40 prospect park west park slope 12015

It seems like a bit of a stretch to call it a four-bedroom, but this fourth-floor co-op at 40 Prospect Park West in Park Slope is a big prewar pad with park views priced at well under $1,000 a foot. That ain’t bad in this market. The 1,850-square-foot apartment is asking $1,695,000. The maintenance is $2,524 a month.

40 Prospect Park West, #4BC [Corcoran] GMAP

62 montague street brooklyn heights 12015

This three-bedroom co-op at 62 Montague in Brooklyn Heights just hit the market with a price tag of $2,750,000. The 1,950-square-foot pad is a little too “done” for our taste, but everything looks to be top-notch and there are still plenty of prewar touches that make this a special place, most notably the round windowed nook at the end of the living room. Totally cool. Thoughts on value?

62 Montague Street, #6ABE [Corcoran] GMAP

456 prospect avenue windsor terrace 12015

If you can deal with the railroad configuration, this top-floor four-room co-op at 456 Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace has a lot going for it. There’s lots of light, a decent amount of original detail and a private roof deck. The kitchen’s also just been redone. At $540, the monthly maintenance is very reasonable. What do you think about the $699,000 asking price?

456 Prospect Avenue, #4R [Corcoran] GMAP

35 pierrepont street brooklyn heights 12015

This cute co-op at 35 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights has been on the market since the middle of November with an unflinching asking price of $1,200,000. The two-bedroom pad has plenty of prewar details and a charming rear view over the gardens of neighboring brownstones. At $1,422 a month, the maintenance ain’t bad for a full-service building. The ask of $1,200,000 is a big step up from the $760,000 sales price back in 2010 — but that was the bottom of the market and the place has been renovated since.

35 Pierrepont Street, #3B [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

135 prospect park southwest windsor terrace 122014

This very pretty apartment at 135 Prospect Park SW in Windsor Terrace has plenty of vintage charm and is also newly renovated by the sponsor. And because it is a sponsor unit, no board approval is required.

There’s no floor plan, but the listing says there are six rooms, so we presume this is a legit two-bedroom.

It’s a bit of a hike to the subway but right next to the park.

The maintenance is $627. Do you think it’s a decent deal for $825,000?

135 Prospect Park SW [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP

201 clinton avenue clinton hill 122014

We don’t have many photos to go by, but this new two-bedroom listing at the Clinton Hill Co-ops appears to be in good shape with good exposures and light. The floorplan is also nice, with a big square living/dining area and two bedrooms of equal size in the back. Please note, though, that there’s only one bathroom. Asking price for the 1,000-square-foot pad is $675,000.

201 Clinton Avenue, #4C [Corcoran] GMAP

415 argyle road ditmas park 122014

This duplex at 415 Argyle Road in Ditmas Park looks like a decent deal in the current market. The two-bedroom pad has been recently renovated and sports 1.5 bathrooms in addition to a small private balcony. As for value, you get 1,316 square feet for the asking price of $799,00. (The monthly maintenance is $1,135.) Dig it?

415 Argyle Road, #2-30 [Corcoran] GMAP

55 pineapple street brooklyn heights 112014

This new co-op listing at 55 Pineapple Street, with its foyer and separate kitchen, has a more generous layout than a typical studio. It’s also got a nice prewar vibe. Unfortunately, it’s also on the ground floor. You can’t have everything! Get a look at the open house this Sunday from 1 to 3 pm. Oh, and the asking price is $315,000.

55 Pineapple Street, #1G [Brown Harris Stevens] GMAP