House of the Day: 70 Lafayette Avenue

70 lafayette avenue fort greene 82014

This Fort Greene townhouse on Lafayette Avenue is divided up into two duplexes, each with two bedrooms, 2.5 baths and central air conditioning. Each unit has its own outdoor space. Its been recently renovated and there are no details that we can see left inside the home. Everything is new–floors, walls, moldings, recessed lighting. It sold in May of 2013 for $1,300,000 in what looks like an estate sale. It’s asking $3,499,000, quite a windfall for the seller, but that is not out of line with what townhouses are selling for in Fort Greene these days. What do you think of it?

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  • This house has been on the market for months with a different broker. The developers ripped out whatever detail was left, it was an SRO also…don’t know what CO is now, assuming two family. It sits on an irregular & small lot so there is no backyard, the decks they built off the back face the back of the buildings & their loud ACs on Fulton Street. There are no closets at all and each duplex is set up a weird way, renovation is mediocre at best. For some one who buys solely off of convenience this is a solid location.

  • You can buy a 5 story version of this place w parking a few blocks over in Clinton Hill for well under $3m so bring out the chopping block on that ask kids.

  • NYC BIS shows it still listed as an SRO with no C of O.

  • Seems like 3.5 million dollars worth of sterile to me

  • What do I think? I’ve been a homeowner since 2005 and a co-opper (residential, not food) for the better part of a decade before that, so I have a rooting interest in the strength of the housing market. I’ve also been more or less addicted to this site since some time in 2006. It used to feel that, when we all commented on a listing, it was with some sense of a shared stake. Could I see myself living in the house and what would I pay for it if i could, or wanted to? Having lived through 1.5 renovations, what do I think of what a seller did? We all have a very loose sort of community stake in the houses that get listed. But at $3.5M for a thoroughly renovated but soulless townhose in FG, it feels more like I’ve got my nose pressed against the glass of someone else’s world. At this price, it doesn’t matter what i think at all.

  • Well said, slopefarm! In fact that is one of finest statements I have seen posted on this blog in quite some time.

  • What do I think? I think it’s a crappy 2008 style reno priced like a 2014 Jenna Lyons show home. It’s certainly not a trophy property, so maybe it’s an investment? but then assuming if you rented out each duplex for 5k, you’re probably covering less than 2mm in borrowing costs, … yet you’re still asking that tenant to sleep with footsteps above his bedroom because flipper was too cheap to improve the layouts, let alone save a window sill. I’d be real curious to know who’s buying this anywhere vaguely close to the ask.

  • This is of course way over priced for what it is and where it is, which is basically in the middle of commercial Fort Greene with busy bus and truck traffic belching fumes in your front and the Smoke House restaurant and commercial A/C’s disturbing your zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s in the rear.
    Top all that off with a self certified crap job that is crying out for an audit and any buyer by any normal criteria would need their head examined by normal standards.
    But these are not normal standards; listing it with Brokers that list property in Miami Beach, The Hamptons and 5th Ave with Central Park Views …..& a building that probably should have taken advantage of its commercial zoning over lay…….it will sell to someone that has read about Fort Greene while sitting in a café or on a beach in a distant land and be convinced this is a good deal!
    Like the couple from Paris that way over paid for another small cottage on Lafayette Ave this year!
    How some Brokers sleep at night…….. and we all have to live with the pissed off attitude.

  • Brooklyn is so out of control these days, the gentrifiers are getting re-gentrified.