Old Three-Story Mixed-Use Building Demo’d, Eight-Story Build Approved


A development lot that recently held a small, mixed-use 19th century brick building has been cleared “under emergency conditions” following a partial collapse this spring. The three-story building at 43 Claver Place, which was less than 18 feet wide on the front end, had already been partly demolished when the collapse happened, according to a demolition permit.

We happened to stop by late last week, when it looked like a worker was trying to do something with some bricks that still litter the lot. 

The property changed hands in 2013 for $725,000. Approved plans are already in place for another mixed-use building, this one with eight stories, seven units, and retail on the ground floor. The new-building permit and the rendering, which is from an old Massey Knakal marketing brochure, predate the sale, so the new owner could have other plans in mind. Do you like the existing plans and design?



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  • Hi Cate,

    I live on the block and have actually witnessed the aftermath of the building collapse this past winter when heavy snow brought down the roof, which in turn brought down the entire rear brick wall.

    This definitely brought out the weakest link of its next door neighbor 1109 fulton street, a corner mix use building with a 24 hr organic deli originally set to open back in 2012 but never did. It turns out what kept it from opening was some serious structural issues, and now the collapse of 43 Claver further aggravate it to a point that the entire building got a vacate order and all tenants were displaced over night. I saw them all shaken up, talking to the police (tenants in 1109 Fulton) after 43 Claver collapsed and had to move out basically over night, terrible!!

    It’s really irresponsible of the building owners leaving their building so structurally unsafe, 1109 Fulton had trouble opening up the deli due to a long unresolved structural issue with the DOB (according to workers and nearby supermarket managers). I do feel for the owners though, because they poured in lots of money renovating the rental apartments and retail space, but without fixing structural issues, big mistake!! Now DOB has decided the building (1109 Fulton) also has to be torn down in the near future, big loss for the owners.

    Recently , squatters were hiding out in 1109 Fulton and stealing from the Associated Supermarket and Family Dollars across the street. A big safety concern for the area. NYPD has been monitor the building for a while.

    Vacant, neglected buildings like these, and the corner building across Claver Place (1107 Fulton), are not only at risk of collapsing and injuring passer-bys, they also invite squatters and encourage burglary of nearby residences and business. I’ve heard some of these owners are just holding off selling for a bigger profit in the future, which is fine, but they really need to be responsible for the fundamental structural safety and basic Maintenance. These buildings are bringing the neighborhood down and making it less safe!!

    Oh, I just stopped by 43 Claver and a worker told me, they are cleaning up now, but will be building something big, not sure what exactly it will be. Residential I supposed.