House of the Day: 1433 Avenue H

1433 avenue h midwood 72014

This roomy Edwardian in the Fiske Terrace West Midwood section of Flatbush looks absolutely adorable, move-in ready and it’s less — way less — than a million dollars.

We’re crazy for the kitchen, the built-ins, the beams, the cozy fireplaces and the mid-century pink-and-black bathroom. Plus there’s a porch and a big backyard. The driveway is shared and the listing does not mention a garage, though PropertyShark shows an outbuilding on the property.

There is a catch, however. The property abuts the elevated tracks for the Q line.

The house last sold for $535,000 in 2004. Now the ask is $835,000. What do you think of it?

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  • I think Fiske Terrace is on the other side of the tracks — this would be one of the Midwood micro-neighborhoods.

  • Nice house.

    Lets face it – if you have less than $1 million including any renovation work and want a full house what’s left within an hour commute on Midtown?

    – Some bits and pieces in Eastern Bed-Stuy almost always lacking any real character inside as they are low-end flipper houses
    – Brownsville, East New York, East Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay – may be a bit lacking in the kind of ‘amenities’ people on this site are after
    – Midwood – might stull be a bit far out for some
    – Flatbush and Kensington – both near Ditmas Park and Caton Park shops and amenities within easy walk

    We spent ages messing around hoping something would ‘come up’ in the brownstone areas but to no avail. The next gentrification era will be more about the remaining Victorians/Edwardians.

    Can’t speak for Bensonhurst, East Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay as I’m not familiar with the areas but whatever way you look at it the options are significantly narrowing within this price bracket.

    • This seems like a fair assessment. I just purchased a barrel-front row house in Kensington right off Church Avenue for under a million that I’m very excited about. Sure it needs a bunch of work, but it’s got lots of original detail, 3 floors plus basement, is steps from Church Ave., Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery and walking distance to Cortelyou Rd. I see real potential in this neighborhood.

      • Hey EJR- I think I know the block. We’re a bit further south in Kensington- 5/6 bed victorian with almost all the original detail, detached, massive lot. Safe, decent schools, and 2 mins walk from Cortelyou. All for well under 1 million. Having lived in Carrol Gareens and Clinton Hill as a music fan/maker the scene here is great and so is the food.

        Was it my first choice had I had double the cash, no but I really dig the area. Kensington is packed full of Victorians and some row houses that seem like good value.

        The only issue is Coney Island ave- it’s not exactly nice to cross but when I moved to brooklyn crossing Atlantic , 4th ave, eastern parkway all seemed insurmountable.

        See you around the hood.

        Ps would like to see brownstoner do more on these hoods – there’s a bucketload of people who want a house but the brownstone belt is now is no longer obtainable. However there are still options.

    • Sunset Park–Brownstones and row houses for under a mil, D train is 40 mins to midtown.

      • Yes – occasionally but very rarely for under a million now including renovation unless they are the water side of the BQE or miles from the park.

        • Re Sunset Park, you can easily find places $850-$950K. The nicer end of the neighborhood anyway is actually about one mile from the Park. Where it borders Bay Ridge — high 50’s to low 60’s, 4th Avenue to 7th Avenue — the blocks are nicer than near the Park in the 40’s, AND this area has the Express N to 59th Street and is for the most part under a million.

          • Show me 5 2-family row houses that have sold on the open market in the last 6 months in Sunset Park that are not on the far side of the BQE or total guts and are less than 900k.
            I don’t think you can easily find one. At least, I couldn’t. Maybe near the D at Ft Hamilton.
            Flatbush and East Flatbush are still affordable. Kensington is around the 950k range now.

    • Isn’t bay ridge still well under 1mm ?

  • This house is priced to sell. The kitchen and bath aren’t that bad and it is about a forty minute ride to midtown from the Q Avenue H station. A longer walk to Cortelyou Road and Church Avenue amenities than some of the other micro neighborhoods though.

  • The house does have some updating to do and I could never live with forced hot air heat, but the bigger issue is the above ground subway tracks right next door!.
    This is also the problem with the lovely Limestone’s on Ocean Ave over looking Prospect Park, very reasonably priced….but not selling. The noise and vibrations are non stop!
    I am surprised that in this day and age the MTA has not taken some lessons from the LONDON tube for example and learned how to make the tracks, wheels quieter…..but, oh I forgot it does not effect people in Manhattan!

  • I’ve been in many of the houses that back against the tracks. The noise isn’t as bad as you say. That said, if this house didn’t have the train running adjacent to the property, it would sell for so much more. It will definitely sell just as others against the tracks have sold.