Monday Blogwrap

williamsburg savings bank dusk 62014

The Thunderbolt Is Now Open, and Here’s Video Shot Riding Shotgun [Sheepshead Bites]
City Approves $500 Million of Bonds for Affordable Housing, Including Greenpoint Landing [Crain’s]
Cornice of Clinton Street Building Comes Tumbling Down; No One Hurt [PMFA]
Industry City’s Rapid Transition Reflects Borough’s Opportunities and Challenges [Brooklyn Brief]
Design a Brooklyn Neighborhood Flag Contest [GYFO]
Meat Hook Sandwich Now Open!! [Greenpointers]
Chocolate Works Opens on Montague; Karl Is There With Cam [BHB]
ReBar Owner Does Not Have $1 Million to Pay Back Jilted Couples: Source [DNAinfo]

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  • OMG! That’s the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank across the street from Peter Luger’s.
    It has had the most amazing restoration I have ever seen. Do not miss any opportunity to go inside.

  • Looking forward to doing that one of these days. I never got the chance to go in when it was a bank. I’m so glad private individuals are taking the time and considerable expense to restore these architectural treasures. Many kudos in advance. The photos I have seen are incredible.

    • I’m hoping to get a look inside sometime as well. They were definitely having a wedding when I was by there on Friday night. I wonder if they’re still planning on putting an art gallery in the basement?

  • Yes, the interior is incredible down to the Bank President’s suite of offices complete with Victorian bath.
    It is an events space now, so you have to be invited to the private wedding or bar mitzvah to get inside.