Crown Heights Tenant Union Plans March


The Crown Heights Tenant Union is planning a march and barbeque this Saturday, according to a flyer we saw posted on a traffic box in Prospect Heights. One of their demands is a rent freeze, according to their Facebook page. The march starts at Dr. Ronald McNair Park at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue and ends at Brower Park with a picnic and barbeque. Brooklyn Legal Services will be at Brower Park to offer free assistance to tenants.

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  • Yeah, and I want a freeze on my real estate taxes and water bills

    • Good point. My assumption is that these tenants have rents that are far below what the market pays. They should be grateful. And they should be more grateful if the landlord offers to buy them out at a price they deem acceptable.

      • Who is footing the bill for the barbecue? The landlords? Will the tenants just send over the bills from Zabar’s along with the rent freeze request?

  • check out the FB page for them

    The demands are pretty hefty and a little out of touch. They want ALL RENTS frozen for 5 years including market rate. Some highlights below that I feel are a little overzealous.

    I. Five-Year Rent Freeze

    a. Landlords must not raise the rent in any apartment—including both rent stabilized and non-stabilized apartments—for five years; the current rent in all apartments shall be the ceiling rent for five years. After the expiration of the five-year rent freeze, rents in all apartments—rent stabilized and non-stabilized alike—shall rise only at the proportion set by the Rent Guidelines Board for rent-stabilized apartments.

    III. Rights of Current Residents

    a. Tenants will be granted preference for within-building transfer before landlord can rent them to others.
    –> Transfers must be at same rent for same-size apartment and with equality for renovated apartments.

    d. Landlords must give an automatic lease transfer to any to any named successor, even if they’re not on the lease, at the same rent. There will be no vacancy and no vacancy increase.

    VIII. Right to Fair Late Penalty Policies

    a. Landlords cannot issue any late rent penalties.

    b. Tenants can only be brought to court after they fail to pay rent for 6 months.
    –> After 3 months, tenants get an official warning from the landlord.

    IX. Right to Fair Leases

    a. Landlords must automatically renew the leases of all tenants, unless otherwise notified.

    b. In the event the landlord fails to send a lease-renewal form at least 90 days before the expiration of a lease, that lease must be automatically renewed if the tenant has not given written authorization instructing the landlord not to renew the lease. In the event the landlord fails to send a lease renewal-form at least 90 days before the expiration of the lease to a tenant in a non-rent stabilized apartment or to any tenant who consequently experienced a delayed rent subsidy or any other monetary damage, the landlord must pay the tenant a penalty of 10% of the annual rent, either in a check or in rent reduction, depending on the tenant’s preference.

    • They are right to call themselves a “union” given the ridiculousness of the demands. Want, want, want. Give up nothing, nothing nothing.

      I wonder if any of them are in arrears on their rent now!

    • These sort of demands are so out of touch with reality that it makes it difficult to take these folks seriously.

      • That’s what I was thinking Joe. When you ask for demands as ridiculous as these you lose credibility and get no traction for the demands that are possible.

      • Ditto. There’s plenty of ugly & illegal landlord behavior going on in the neighborhood, and some thoughtful, organized response might be hugely helpful in singling out the nastier elements and supporting their beleaguered tenants.

        But infantile efforts like these will simply drown out any deserving voices with the noise of juvenile rants & manifestos. In fact, it’s not hard to believe this ‘union’ might be quietly sponsored by some of the larger & shadier property owners…

        • I agree, what about the longtime small property owners? They may live in a 2-4 unit townhouse and need the rents to pay their bills and we all know RE taxes, insurance, water, sewer, repairs etc.. are all going up. So the longtime small property owner is now held hostage by their tenants. Unbelievable.