Closing Bell: Sunset Park Applies to LPC, Plans Walking Tour This Month


As part of its ongoing effort to preserve Sunset Park’s historic homes, the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee recently submitted its Request for Evaluation to the Landmarks Preservation Committee, the first application in the landmarking process. “We’ve had an amazing year in our community, finding so much support for a historic district, from residents, community organizations, our community board, our councilman, our state assemblyman, and our congresswoman,” the committee’s Lynn Massimo told us. “We’re hoping the wheels will turn quickly and we’ll get a historic district soon, though we know it’s slow process.”

In the meantime, the group is also giving one of its walking tours of the area on Sunday, June 22. The website copy reads: “Tour the heart of Sunset Park. Learn how Sunset Park’s history makes it special and wonderfully different from other Brownstone Brooklyn nabes. Learn about how its built environment shaped Sunset Park: from the history of Bush Terminal, the 4th Avenue subway, and the first coops in the U.S. in the early 1900s, to the Section 8 housing of the 1970s, which stabilized the neighborhood and helped it transition out of blight.” Above, houses on 59th Street between 4th and 5th avenues in Sunset Park.

The tour starts at 10 am. For tickets or more information, please check the group’s website.

Photo via Sunset Park Landmarks Committee

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  • Oh, I do hope the area is landmarked soon. It is already on the National Register, but that has no teeth. So many beautiful, intact rows are at risk. I hope the tour reaches the low 60’s. My favorite part of Sunset Park is from 58th to 64th. So quiet and lovely, so many brownstones, limestones, and bow-fronted brick row houses, far from the congestion around the Park, and near the best part of Chinatown . . . but I love the entire neighborhood. So vibrant, and very few vacant storefronts on 5th or 8th Aves. Real old-school Brooklyn. I’m hoping to finally make the tour.

  • I agree. SP should definitely be landmarked. It’s very worthy. Elizabeth Jane, I’ve taken this tour. It’s great.