House of the Day: 665 Park Place

Here the developers have gutted a small one-family and turned it into three small open-plan apartments, each with two bedrooms. (The listing says there’s an owner’s duplex, but going by the floor plan, it seems to be referring to the cellar.) Some charm still remains in the form of beautiful fireplaces and the exterior, which has curb appeal to spare.

We could see these selling as separate condo units, or the whole thing appealing to an investor, but we’re not sure about an owner occupant, who might want more space.

(PropertyShark says the 18-by-40-foot building has slightly less than 2,500 square feet, but we calculate only 2,160. A new certificate of occupancy for a three-family seems to be in the works, going by DOB permits.)

Do you think the ask of $1,999,000 makes sense?

665 Park Place [Elliman] GMAP

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  • This is really quite awful and overpriced. At least leave one owner duplex, for crying out loud. Boy, do I hate kitchens along a wall in the middle of an apartment.

  • I thought the layouts were very well done for floors of this shape and size. I like the fact that the bedrooms are of more equal width than the original walls are in these houses. I also like the wall kitchens in the living and dining room areas here, as they are laid out so as to get as much light into all the spaces as possible. While one may not like kitchens-on-walls, and I generally don’t prefer them, I like them in these brownstones as here, rather than the ones where the kitchen is at the back of the common areas space, in the center of the apartment, and gets little to no natural light, depending on whether the kitchen has full-height walls, and on how deep the building is, that is, how far the kitchen is from the front windows. These kitchens look like they get a fair amount of natural light, and they appear to be nicely done, as much as one can tell from the photos. I can see this building’s layout appealing to a lot a buyers. Though it seems from the floor plan that the cellar is likely unfinished. Not commenting on price, as I’m not following that closely.

  • At $2mln, this makes no sense to rent out. So you’d want to appeal to some sort of rich buyer who just wanted a big house and didn’t care about price. They’re going to have to come down…

  • They had an open house there a month ago. They haven’t even moved the price down.

  • I thought you aren’t allowed to enclose the Boiler and furnace in basements like it is on the floor plan, i might be wrong. On google maps you can see it during renovation. Side note: neighbor to the left decided to make the front yard into an illegal driveway even though theres a tree and a light pole in front of the property, what is this Queens??