Heights Brownstone Overlooking Promenade Asks $16 Million


A Brooklyn Heights brownstone overlooking the Promenade is asking $16,000,000. If 192 Columbia Heights sells for ask, it will set a record, as The New York Times was the first to point out. So far the record for a townhouse in the Heights is 70 Willow Street, where Truman Capote famously rented, which sold for $12,500,000 in 2012.

This place is 25 feet wide, five stories tall and has nearly 8,000 square feet of space. It is in move-in condition.

Now that prices in “emerging” Brooklyn have about doubled in the last few years, do you think prices in prime Brooklyn will recalibrate? What do you guess it will sell for?

A Townhouse Above the Brooklyn Heights Promenade Asks $16 Million [NY Times]
192 Columbia Heights Listing [Kevin J. Carberry Real Estate/Corcoran]
Photo by Scott Bintner for PropertyShark

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  • At first, the per square foot sounds crazy, but then there’s just 1 variable that makes this different than all the other big beautiful bstones in Bklyn and Manhattan: those views.
    Curious how this compares to some of the other upper end bstones in Manhattan (too lazy to search)

  • Very nice!!!!

    Mrshankly…at the lower end. I think they range from $9MM to $60MM++

  • Won’t their view be ruined by the park construction?

    • No. The northern building is going in up by Pier 1, well north of this building (which is situated approximately between Piers 2 and 3), and in any case is designed specifically to be short enough to not block views from the Promenade. The southern buildings around One BBP will be tall, but they’re well south of this house and also of the end of the Promenade.

  • This is right next door to the infamous 194 Columbia Heights, which has been sitting, empty and deteriorating, for more than 40 years. The back, facing the Promenade, is mostly covered in ivy; several windows are boarded up—the top floor one was open to the rain and wind for more than a years—and the windows in the front are losing pieces to the street. God knows what the interior looks like now. And, only a few bricks away, they want $16 million?